Abbey’s verdict- Student of the game by Kyle Genesis.

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Genre; Hip-hop/Rap

Artiste; Kyle Genesis

Track name; Student of the game

Album; Vault Hunter

The track “student of the game” is from Kyle Genesis 2019 album Vault Hunter. Kyle has a hip-hop/ trap sound and this reflected heavily in his instrumentation and delivery of the song.

The lyrics though repetitive were meaningful and original. The delivery of the song was top-notch, to put it plainly he went “hard on the song” especially with his play of words.

The song intro got my attention even before the main beats started. As the rap begins Kyle’s voice is filled with emotional substance that we the listeners can relate to. His lyrics are simplistic as he expressly conveys his sentiments in every verse. He raps with so much determination and desire to be the best as he says – “... I’m busy tryna be the bestest.”

This is an upbeat song that anyone who enjoys hip-hop will find easy to flow and vibe with. Kyle Genesis is truly one talent to watch out for in the hip-hop scene, we can expect more good music from him moving forward.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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