Abbey’s verdict – Afefe Ire by Splendour.

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Genre; Pop / RnB

Artist; Splendour

Track name; Afefe Ire (Wind of Goodness)

Afefe Ire is a Yoruba-English pop song by upcoming artiste Splendour and was released in 2020.

The intro of the song is beautiful and instantly catches my attention as it creates such a positive buildup to the main vocals. The vocals of the artist are emotionally expressive and well in tune with the beats of the song. The pitch of the artiste was beautiful and consistently good throughout the song even when hitting those high notes.

The lyrics are original and inspiring while maintaining a catchy and tuneful melody. Though there might be a bit of a translation problem in some parts of the song especially the chorus for those who aren’t fluent in Yoruba language. But trust me I didn’t understand the language but the catchy flow of words more than made up for that and I was able to vibe with the song regardless.

The song like I mentioned earlier is an inspirational one and is reflected heavily in the lyrics as he sings “…I know I could be broken….I know I’ll survive.” As the song draws to an end the artiste fittingly prays for the “wind of goodness” to locate him.

The beats and rhythm of the song are solid and engaging throughout its duration. The song’s instrumentals fully compliments and balances the vocals perfectly.

Afefe Ire is one song that you won’t be able to get out of your head once you listen to it. It’s a pleasant song to sit back and lose yourself in. The artiste is quite talented and with such rich vocals he’s destined for greatness within the industry if nurtured properly.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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About the artiste;

Splendour real name Success Samson is a Nigeria-born / based musician and is also a graduate of public administration. He dabbles into different genres of music including; pop, RnB and alternative music.

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