Being black – what should I say to my child?

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We live in a world where a simple difference in a person can cause pernicious comments about him. People judge without showing reflections and understandings. They attribute the caricatured representations of the media to reality.

Then, we always find black as a member of the ghetto who sells drugs, Latino as a ruthless criminal or someone who illegally crosses the frontier, Muslim or Jewish as a terrorist etc. All in all, the american media (cinema, music, advertising …) has being the most influential in the world and gives us stereotypes at the expense of racial profiling.

How am I different if I have tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks , if I am a believer or an atheist …? Does being black make me a different human ? Do they consider myself as a human ? Did my life really matter for them ?

In a few years, black people my age and I may have children. And it will also be young black children who will be born into a world where racial profiling will not be in their favor. Nowadays, the world is accessible to everyone, opportunities are everywhere, so what should I say to my black child who has obtained a scholarship or a job in a foreign country, or who will find some opportunities in it ?

Should I remind my child all the time that he’s black and that sooner or later he will be the victim of racial discrimination ?
Should I advise my child to dress properly so as not to pose a threat to white people ?
Should I tell him that if he walks into a store with a hoodie, hands in his pockets, he will be suspected ?

Should I suggest to my child, in some cases, to work twice as much as white to be his equal ? And if she is a woman, she has to do it three to four times more ?
Should I recommend to my child to hide his tattoos so that they don’t think he comes from any ghetto?

Should I demand that my child not like rap but rather listen to classical music to appear less aggressive ?
Should I forbid him to do his morning jogging for fear of being shot by white people who consider him a thief lurking in their neighborhood ?

Should I tell him to say his last prayers when a police officer presses his neck with his knee ?
Should I warn my black child that he will appear suspicious if he pays cash in several hundred dollar bills ?

Should I tell him to always be ready to post on the social networks the hashtag #JusticeFor the next black who will be the victim of a white ?
Should I denounce to my child the defect of intelligence and judgment which certain people make because of the color of his skin, or to let him discover all these supremacist acts alone ?
Should I …

Many races inhabit the world, and each of them contains its own peculiarities. But is it necessary to generalize everything? Not all blacks are gangsters, not all Latinos are illegal immigrants, not all Muslims are jihadists, not all Asians are good at martial arts either… The racial majority didn’t have to be labeled by what their minority is doing because the repercussions are for the most part harmful.

Questions like the ones I asked before, I have tons of them. And as a black, and probably future parent (in a few years) I am scared to see that all my questions on racial profiling towards blacks are far from having answers or even solutions.

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  1. My heart hurts so much reading this <3 I won't pretend that I know how it feels because I'm not black; I can only feel the emotions from your post. And I'm with you. I share your sentiments and I agree that there are good and bad in all walks of life and to stereotype is wrong. I'm half Asian, and I promise you, I'm no good at maths!! Somehow we need to stop the stereotyping, starting with the media. Any kind of "many-to-one" communication channel. TV, film, radio, newspapers… Why is it necessary to include someone's racial profile in a news article? Why am I still reading "Muslim man X" or "Black woman Y"? Why do I not see "White elite man paedophile"? Change needs to come, I'm with you, and it's great that more and more people are waking up, but how can we influence people with bigger platforms to help educate the people? I just don't know.

  2. I agree with you, what are you going to tell your child? What are you telling yourself? I am not black. I am telling my teens about the world’s different kinds of people and how they make this world a better place. I try to explain the current unrest in many countries includind our own, Canada but in all honesty…my teen boys just don’t get it. So I try a different method..kne they can relate too. I explain ADHD, BULLYING, and how they feel especially the one with a brain injury; who has always felt and been treated different..
    Did I get my point accross? That remains to be seen..but I tried and that is all that we (parents) can do. Try to be better, try to understand, try to change ourselves and those around us
    That’s being human..thats being compassionate, respectful and true.
    Thank you for sharing this with us..I will share it too.

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