Abbey’s verdict – The villain by Knoeline Keane

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Genre: Indie Folk

Artist: Keane Knoeline

Song name: The villain

Release date: 3rd July,2020

The villain is a soon to be released indie folk song by artiste Keane Knoeline. This song has an indie folk sound and this was reflected in its instrumentation, lyrics and country-feel melody.

The song begins with a beautiful intro that sets the tone for what will be an emotionally charged song. The instrumentals especially the plaintive acoustic guitar and the accompanying soft vocals creates that distinct indie folk sound though it can almost be confused for country music.

The main vocals is nothing short of melodic and soulful,it caries and expresses so much emotion that even you the listener will have no choice but to be drawn and completely immersed in it.

The lyrics were thought-provoking and meaningful, and expressly conveyed the story of a person trying so hard to live out what they think is best for them. This lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone who has ever wanted something or someone so bad but for one reason or the other just couldn’t have it(or them).

Like a part of the lyrics said “…. I’m too proud and too stubborn but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you,but we can’t be friends”. If this doesn’t sum up some of the real-life challenges in relationships and friendships I don’t know what does.

The song has a consistent and engaging rhythm that captures the imagination while carrying us the listeners along. The instrumentation and vocals are well balanced and complements each other very well.

The villain has more of a melancholic sound to it and is bound to evoke the feelings and emotions of the listeners, especially due to its story-oriented lyrics.

Although I think the song shouldn’t necessarily have been as long as it was even with the instrumental breaks within the song. Regardless this is still one song that deserves to be included in your playlist especially if you’re a fan of indie folk music or even country music.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What are you waiting for? Keep your eyes peeled and your ears opened for this new release coming on Friday. It’ll be available on Spotify and on Bandcamp;



Meet the artiste:

Knoeline is a singer/songwriter from Ireland. Since 2011 she has been writing her own music and putting videos on her YouTube account, which has now over 30,000 views. She has played in some of Ireland’s well-known venues such as Roisin Dubh & Monroe’s Live, Galway and has supported musicians such as Elaine Mai & Mick Flannery. In 2016 she was awarded Student of the Year in Music Performance.

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