Abbey’s verdict: Repair by Oli Ng

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Genre: Indie folk

EP name: Repair

Track list:

  • The rot
  • I’ll save your heart
  • Repair
  • Wrong way

Artiste: Oli Ng

Release date: 3rd July, 2020

Oli Ng’s EP “Repair” comes at a time when tensions are high and most people are struggling emotionally, physically and mentally to process everything going on right now from the COVID-19 pandemic to the BLM movement. This EP is sure to provide some sort of consolation to any and everyone who listens to it irrespective of what they’re going through.

As an artist Oli Ng is a versatile one,this EP totally deviates from his normal upbeat rock-style of music and takes a more acoustic indie folk sound while touching on different topics around the theme of mental health, coming to terms with life as an adult and basically keeping hope alive even in trying times.

The EP begins with the single “the Rot” and true to it’s name it’s lyrics dwelt on the rot in regards to mental health. The intro of this track was peaceful and provided quality buildup to not just the vocals of this track but to the rest of the EP. The lyrics were original and deeply reflected the struggles everyone who has ever dealt with mental health issues can relate to, as he sings “…stumbling around inside your head…do you trust your heart or do you trust your mind.” I’m sure we can all relate to being torn between following either our heart or our mind. But what blows my mind most about the this track is the edgy guitar riff accompanied with the soft vocals that just adds quality to it.

The next song “I’ll save your heart” maintains a similar tempo as in the first track with the familiar acoustic guitar accompanying the main vocals. The lyrics show a certain type of vulnerability and openness by Oli Ng as he sings about being heartbroken and afraid. At other parts of the song he seems like one giving words of reassurance to a friend going through a hard time as he sings “… I’ll be right here by your side… I’ll save your heart/we’ll be alright”. At a point he re-echoes a sentence that personally resonated with me when he said “…. I’m not scared I’m just tired”.

Repair” is the title track of the EP and it doesn’t fall short. Unlike the last two songs here the artiste seems to be searching for answers as he sings “I wish I knew the answers to that crazy world out there”. Well don’t we all wish so? This lyrics gives a cause to reflect on the happenings going on in our world today, especially if you’ve ever felt that there’s not much you can do to fix or repair the world no matter how much you want to. As he said we can’t fix everything by ourselves and that’s my biggest takeaway from this song, after all there’s no “repair” without a “pair”🙊.

A worthy conclusion to what has been an exciting EP, the track “Wrong way” lays emphasis on the need for supporting one another and also having a support system to “help you along the way the best way they can…so you don’t go it alone.”

All in all this EP didn’t fail to evoke different emotions in me as I listened through it, and I got quite invested in the messages the lyrics passed across as the tracks went on. The artiste maintained a consistent and rich vocal quality throughout this EP, though I think the beat and rhythm sounded the same for most parts of it and I would have preferred more variance.

The instrument and the artiste’s pitch/vocals was in tune for the entirety of the EP and complimented each other real well.

This EP is a stroke of genius and quite reassuring to listen to especially at such a time, it’s gratifying to know that other people understand and are going through the same things you’re going through. ‘Repair’ further solidifies the fact that Oli Ng is indeed a talented and versatile musician to watch out for.

And I would certainly advise you give this EP a listen once it comes out Friday. And feel free to check out his other works on Spotify.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Image by Dan Wiebe

Oli Ng is a Singer-Songwriter from Crewe, Cheshire. Influenced by artists such as Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem & Tom Petty, Oli’s Americana-Rock sound has seen him tour relentlessly across the UK & Europe both Solo & with his Band at the age of just 24. His ‘Into The Dark’ EP was awarded ‘BEST EP’ at the Music Awards of Staffordshire & Cheshire in 2017.

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