Abbey’s verdict – Man on the bridge by The Novus

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Genre; Punk Rock

Track name; Man on the bridge

Band; The Novus

Band members;

Connor Hill (Vocals)

Thomas Rhodes (Guitar)

Tyla Challenger (Bass)

Euan Woodman (Drums)

Produced and mixed by; Gavin Monaghan

Release date; 3rd July, 2020

Man on the bridge’ is a soon to be released song by punk rock band The Novus that was inspired as the name implied by a man on the bridge. When asked about the story behind the song the band had this to say, “we wrote this song in the van on the way home after we came down from Stourbridge to play a gig in Camden and saw this old guy (in his underpants when we saw him) dancing his heart out by the bridge at Camden Lock and apparently he’s been doing it for years.”

From the plaintive electric guitar to the basic bass and the drums the intro sets up the perfect atmosphere leading into what would be an upbeat and fun song.

This song has a catchy tune that makes it stick in your head once you listen to it, trust me you will be bumping along to it in no time. The vocals of the lead singer is consistently edgy and in tune with the beats at every point of the song,you can basically feel the emotions and expressions as he belts out each lyric. This helps in providing the listeners with a clear description and image of what the band saw on that faithful day.

The lyrics are original, distinctive and playful some might even consider the lyrics amusing (I’m some,some is me!). At some points I found it hard to make out the lyrics but despite that the flow and delivery of the song made up for that.

The beats and instrumentation really kept me engaged throughout,I cannot overemphasize how consistently good it was throughout the duration of this song. And the way it fits perfectly with the vocals creating that vocal-instrument balance we strive to hear is worthy of note.

Seeing as this song was previously released on a casette mixtape but is now just getting its own release makes me happy because this is a song with such a relaxed feel capable of triggering your imagination to a fun and happy place. Seeing the situation the world is in right now and people are in need to escape and create ‘their happy place’, this couldn’t have come at a better time. This song is as entertaining as they come.

Man on the bridge track release comes with a demo track called Castaway which is an equally good and intense track…so listeners will literally be getting a two in one release offer. The first 40+ seconds of the Castaway track is purely instrumental before the main vocals begins. There couldn’t have been a more fitting ending to this song than when the lead vocalist Connor says “enjoy the noise we will see you next time.” I know for sure we’ll certainly be hearing and seeing more of them on the music scene

The Novus band is nothing short of talented and especially creative. And I cannot wait to see what else they’ve in store for us.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Listen to this song on Bandcamp;

If you would like to feed your imagination with a video of the man on the bridge. Then you’ll enjoy this YouTube video

Meet the band;

The Novus is a band located in Birmingham UK made up of members Connor Hill,Tyler Challenger, Euan Woodman and Thomas Rhodes.

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