Abbey’s verdict – Mirror Mirror by Rosey Cale

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Genre; Folk

Artiste; Rosey Cale

Track name; Mirror Mirror

Album name; Creating images

Release date; 2016

Mirror Mirror is a 2016 track from Rosey Cale’s album ‘Creating images.’ It’s more or less a personal song and its lyrics are deeply reflective of the artiste’s ability to be vulnerable while still passing across her message of hope and strength through her lyrics.

The intro began with the strumming of the electric guitar which gave off the song as part of the folk genre. The intro was enough to catch my attention and get me into the mood for the song so when the lead vocals began it was no surprise I was invested in every single word of the lyric.

As someone who has and still struggles with body image issues this song really pulled at my heartstrings,at a point I just had to let the tears flow because this song had words of affirmation I really needed to hear.

This song was inspired by the artistes struggle with anorexia at age 15,as well as her struggles with body image issues and self doubt. So this song is a reaffirmation to herself that she’s good enough and also a reaffirmation to others going through similar issues. It encourages the listeners that they can overcome anything and learn to love themselves if they put their mind to it.

The lyrics is a classic turn on the ‘mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all’, in this song she’s not looking for the fairest of them all instead she asks that the mirror gives back control and positivity as she sings “….mirror mirror you’ve no power to control me …mirror mirror on the wall tell the girl in front of you that she’s beautiful.”

One thing we can all relate to is that looking into the mirror can either be a source of confidence to some or a boost of low self esteem and body dysmorphia in others,as she sings “…mirror mirror can’t you see the girl in front of you is hurting”.

The lyrics of this song are deep, meaningful and thought-provoking, it’s bound to keep the listeners grasping at every word especially as the words are crafted in such a way that she seems to be talking to the “girl in the mirror”. It brings questions of ‘who she’s referring to as the girl in the mirror?’, ‘is she referring to herself or the listeners?’. This helps brings about a form of inclusiveness so that the listeners can relate to it on a personal and intimate level.

The vocals are soft and emotionally expressive. The pitch of her voice was consistent throughout and one could literally hear the heartfelt confidence, conviction and emotion in her voice while belting out those lyrics. The song though an emotional one also has a catchy melody and subtle rhythm that will certainly linger in the heart and mind of the listeners hours after listening to the song. The instrument especially the guitar helped create an atmospheric and engaging feel throughout the duration of the song. There is a great vocal – instrumental balance as well and her voice can be heard clearly without having to compete with the instruments

Rosey Cale proved once more with this song as she has done with previous songs that she’s not just a talented and creative singer but one that seeks to truly make a positive impact through her music and I respect that about her. I highly recommend this song to not just lovers of folk music but to any and everyone going through body image and self esteem issues.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Rosey Cale is a singer/songwriter/actress from Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

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