Abbey’s verdict – Vivid by Bone

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Genre; Hip-hop/Rap

EP name ; Vivid

Artiste; Bone

Release date; 2020

Number of tracks; 8

Track list;

  • Cheaper to keep her
  • 507 ft Swizz Autoo
  • Checks ft Kaye Sinatra
  • Be like that
  • GTS
  • Outfit/Fit in interlude
  • On my mental
  • Blank freestyle

Run time; 20minutes

Vivid is an 8-track debut EP of upcoming hip-hop artiste Bone, this project reflected his versatility as an artist as we listen to him switch from hip-hop to trap on different tracks. This EP is more or less like an effortless freestyle made more memorable with his play of words. It’s even more impressive to note that he not just raps but also produces and help create visuals for his projects.

It begins with the opening track “Cheaper to keep her” which was a good start to the EP with its fast-paced lyrics and catchy beat. This was by far my favorite song on the EP, the lyrics were original and fun to vibe along to. His flow and delivery on this song was top-notch and the fact that he still managed to maintain a balance between his voice and instrumentation throughout the length of the song without going off the beat was the highlight for me. The theme of this particular track seemed to revolve around keeping the girl as he rapped “.. I’ll do whatever to please her.”

The next song 507 featured guest artiste Swizz Autoo and all I can say is that this two created magic together. The transition between both of these artistes was effortless,and the digital effects of the gun and machete sounds was a welcome addition. It’s an upbeat track with bits of trap sound,it’s a catchy tune and is sure to keep ringing in your head even for hours afterward. It also had a monotonous sound to it through out its duration.

Checks” is certainly one to be a club banger though the chorus really didn’t do it for me, I think the chorus would have sounded better to me without having to listen to the ‘yea yea’ at the end of it. The transition between the two artistes wasn’t as seamless as I would have loved it to be and it certainly could have been better. Regardless of this the song was above average.

Be like that” has a more serious tone to it and as the name implies the theme seemed to surround around seeing no change in someone like he rapped “….you said we had potential but you never showed it” . And I’m sure many of us can relate to this especially in relationships and friendships.

GTS” the intro did nothing to capture my attention as there just seemed to be a lot going on at the beginning of this track, the beats just led awkwardly into the main vocals. The lyrics was certainly creative and imaginative with some puns at some points. The lyrics are relatable especially when he says “I shoot my shot and it’s like you playing defense”

Outfit/fit in interlude” is another catchy tune with lyrics so good it can boost the listeners confidence, I legit could not stop myself from looking into the mirror and rapping this line with him“..I could cause addiction”

On my mental” even though it had previously been released in 2019 it didn’t take anything away from the fact that it made for a good listen to my ears. From the had a cool relaxing intro leading up the vocals. The rhythm was engaging though I just didn’t vibe with this particular track as much as I did with the others and I certainly think the delivery of the song could have been better as it was a bit too repetitive for me.

Blank freestyle” is hard-hitting and certainly will make for a wonderful listen. The lyrics were original and fast-paced just as in most of the tracks and his delivery effortless. It was a fitting ending to what had been a pretty enjoyable and entertaining EP.

One thing I loved about this EP was the versatility of the beats. Though the lyrics of each track of the entire album didn’t seem to have any particular theme and centered around the usual rap topics like women etc, there wasn’t anything special or deep about most of the lyrics It brings us back to the new-school days of hip-hop and gives us a bit of that trap sound I for one have come to love.

This was nothing short of a brilliant EP and seeing as this is his first one there’s still room for him to experiment new sounds,new flows and to broaden the scope for his lyrics, and I can’t wait to hear more projects from him. I see no reason why he won’t be one to set his name in stone in the hip-hop world. Don’t sleep on this guy y’all…take my word for it!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Bone is a hip-hop artiste from Mississippi but based in Florida, he’s presently a college student at FAMU. You can find him on his social media handles;



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