Abbey’s verdict – Join the team by David Appletree

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Genre; Post Rock

EP title; Join the team


  • White flower
  • Isolation ft Kamal Imani
  • I want to join your team
  • Chance and necessity

Artiste; David Appletree

Released; June 2020

Run time; 18minutes

Join the team is the debut EP of David Appletree released in June 2020,though more of post rock some aspects of the EP are influenced by slowcore and classical rock. The title of the EP is quite ironic when put into the perspective of the artiste, whose main theme in this EP is to encourage people to find their own space away from the noise of the world and embrace themselves and their uniqueness first instead of trying to conform to fit into someone else’s team.

This was my first time listening to this genre of music so it took awhile for me to get used to and not just assimilate this whole EP but also appreciate this particular genre. Seeing as this EP was my first introduction into the world of the post-rock genre it certainly did a good job of peaking my interest and curiosity into wanting to listen to more post-rock inclined songs.

For those who might not have heard it or listened to this genre of music before,I can give you a peak into what you should be expecting from this and it’ll be purely INSTRUMENTAL for you as you listen to this work of art.

“White Flower” you know when we think of flowers in general our mind goes to the peace and meditative effects that flowers tend to give off and this particular track was no different for me. I was engrossed right from the start by the drums playing at the beginning to how smoothly the guitar play blended in with it. It had a sultry yet melancholic ring to it that provoked my emotions and certain memories in me as well. Listening to the instruments all coming together as one and yet each of the different instrument could still be distinctly heard was the highlight for me. This was my favorite track from the EP

“Isolation” I’m sure this word alone is sure to align with where a lot of us are presently no matter what part of the world we’re in. But the context of this word especially in the that accompanied the instrumentals was ‘the need to self-examine ourselves’. Kamal’s verse was thought provoking as he repeatedly asked .who am i? Am I really who I am? What’s my purpose”? this questions seem so simple yet complex especially at such a time where most of us (atleast I for one) are still in the process of self-discovery.

The instrumentals helped to convey perfectly the soul searching vibe that accompanied what would be a song with a focal theme on “….looking at the man in the mirror and doing some self-searching!”, without by any means overshadowing or distracting me the listener from the message that was been passed across.

“I want to join your team” is once again an ironic twist on the message been passed across which is for us to first understand and acknowledge our own uniqueness by creating a team first within ourselves, creating our own happiness first instead of losing ourselves in the pursuit to join someone else’s team that might or might not guarantee our true happiness. The inclusion of a Russian might cause a bit of a translation problem for people like me who don’t understand Russian,so that created a bit of confusion for me.

Then there was the addition of an audio recording of US soldiers overseeing a UFO,though it took me a while to figure out what they were saying but when listened to in the context of what the artiste intended it to be it makes more sense. The artiste David had something to say about his decision to add the audio recording to the song, he said “I found it interesting in the context of the song,they look excited they really seem to want more. It’s about joining teams and communication”. For me this was my least favorite song of the EP though this track isn’t below average as the instrumentals were top-notch as usual but the audio recordings didn’t just do it for me.

“Chance in necessity” had its title inspired by a book of similar name by Jacques Monod- according to the introduction the book’s title was inspired by a line attributed to Democritus, “Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity“. This track brought with a fresh sound midway into it and that change was the difference make for me in this song. At the beginning the instrumentation just felt boring to me at a point and just didn’t seem to get my attention and just as I was waiting for something in the song to catch my attention it, the change in tempo close to the ending of the song did it for me and was just the right fire the song needed to get my attention once again.

This EP was one that had me feeling different things at different times and is bound to resonate with the listener soul like it did with mine. I went from questioning who I really am to wanting to discover my uniqueness.

From the need for self-examination to the need for self love to the need to experience happiness but by oneself and in the company of others. It’s left to you the listener to not just flow with the instrumentation but for most parts it’s left to you to make up your lyrics and just let your imagination flow. The instrumental nature of this EP leaves room for the listeners to interpret the music as they seem fit,this for me makes it more relatable.

This EP is certainly worth listening to not just for fans of slowcore, post rock and experimental music but for those who need a new sound in their life and their playlist. As this is just his first EP release, I’ll certainly be expecting more from him going forward.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

David was born in Barcelona and grew up listening to nearly every album he could lay his hands on. Early on he discovered the wonders of the Velvet Underground, the Beatles, Neil Young and David Bowie. Now he listens to worldwide music from all ages and styles. He studied guitar and learned how to record and produce his own music. His first EP “Join the team”, is strongly influenced by slowcore and post rock bands and was released in June 2020.

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