Abbey’s verdict – Solipsism by Scrummy

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Genre; Indie

Band; Scrummy

Band members;

Ryan “robbo” Robertson – Vocalist and lyricist

James “Jeevo” Grieve – Drummer

Alex “zoonda” Campbell – Guitarist

Track name; Solipsism

Released; July 2020

Solipsism is a track from the band Scrummy’s soon to be released self-titled EP to be released on the 31st of July 2020, this means we should certainly be expecting some more good music in store for us in coming weeks.

Scrummy’s sound in this song is indie and they certainly reflect this particularly in their lyrics and in the simplicity of the instrumentation consisting of the combination of the drums and guitars along with the harmonized vocals. The intro of this song was captivating especially the drum play provided a good beat that was enough to capture my attention leading up to the main vocals. The vocals of the lead singer was somewhat monotonous with a melancholic ring to it throughout the song, the rawness and consistency of his voice certainly brought some uniqueness to the song. Though I would have loved it even more if there was some added emotion and expressiveness in his voice.

The lyrics were original and subtly conveyed in such a way that the listener would need a double take for the meaning to seep through. One begins to slowly understand and unravel the real meaning of the lyrics when listened in context to what inspired the artistes, when asked about their inspiration they had this to say “the inspiration came from the word solipsism itself which is essentially the belief that ‘the only existence that can be proven is your own’, put into the context of a one sided relationship I guess it would mean the only thing you’d be certain about is your feelings towards the other person.” The fact that this song was also inspired by a past relationship makes it an even more personal song which some of us can relate to.

The song has a catchy melody that is sure to keep replaying in the listeners head for days on end. The instrumentals perfectly accompanied and balanced out the vocals, with an engaging rhythm that carried me throughout the duration of the song. The instrumental breaks was certainly a difference maker for me…though in a good way.

Solipsism was certainly pleasing to my ears, and it’s bound to evoke a relaxed yet melancholic feel in the listeners. Scrummy has proved themselves with this song as a band to watch out for in the Indie/Alt space, I would certainly be looking forward to hearing more music from this band. And if you’re just as interested in them as I am then make sure you check out their upcoming EP coming out on the 31st of July on all streaming platforms.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the band

Scrummy is a small indie band in the north east of England they currently comprise of just a guitarist, vocalist and a drummer and are missing another guitarist and bassist. But needless to say they’re pushing on to make the music they love and are hoping to play live soon.

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