Abbey’s verdict – Slide by Splendour ft Kaybee

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Genre; Pop

Artiste; Splendour ft Kaybee

Track name; Slide

Album; Mixed Feelings

Released; July 6th,2020

Coming on the heels of the release of his acclaimed single Afefe Ire, Splendour once again proves himself a consistent and versatile artist with his new single ‘Slide’ from his soon to be released album ‘Mixed Feelings’.

Slide is a pop song and this is clearly shown in its catchy and repetitive lyrics, the featured rap from Kaybee was fire and the literal game changer for me on this track.After listening to this song it might just give you the added razzle dazzle to slide into that crush’s dm.

The intro of the song didn’t really do much to spike my interest and it also doesn’t reduce my interest in the song. The vocals are sultry yet unique and with a consistent pitch, the confidence that emanates as the lyrics are sung is quite noticeable. The vocals and the beats complimented each other so well without one going out of tune or overshadowing the other.

The transition between Splendour and Kaybee could have been better for me as it didn’t seem as smooth as I would have loved it to be. The rap was the highlight of the song for me because it added ‘intensity’ to the song, especially since Kaybee’s voice is more raw and powerful when compared to the silvery and soft vocals of the lead singer. The flow and delivery of words by rapper Kaybee was in a way laid back yet fiery/passionate.

The lyrics are fun and playful yet cliche in that it’s one of those songs whose lyrics revolve around ‘having the crush slide into the dm’ yet they bring their own originality into it. This lyrics are certainly one we the listeners can vibe too while wishing confessing/talking to our crush could be so easy, but this song certainly can be an ego booster to making that move as Kaybee raps “….I could say something catchy but I already have your attention.”

The beats throughout the song was catchy and engaging while nicely complimenting the vocals / rap. This is one song that’s sure to keep buzzing in your ears hours after listening to it. The background vocals at some points in the song just didn’t do it for me as I felt it was just an unwelcome distraction from the main vocals. The chorus also felt too repetitive and I would have loved it more if there was some versatility in its word play, but regardless this didn’t stop me from enjoying the song especially as the outro of the song seemed to make up for it.

Slide certainly comes with a relaxing yet playful vibe that we can all use in our lives right now especially at this times. This two artistes showed once more that Pop and Hip-hop are one hell of a combo when done well especially as the hip-hop sound fits perfectly fit with the pop vocals on this track. Be sure to give this song a listen and while at it anticipate Splendour’s soon to be released album ‘mixed feelings’, seeing as he has released two highly acclaimed singles already I won’t expect the album to be anything less of a work of art.

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Meet the artiste

Splendour real name Success Samson is a Nigeria-born / based musician and is also a graduate of public administration. He dabbles into different genres of music including; pop, RnB and alternative music.

You can find him on his socials;


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