Abbey’s verdict – Life Goes Fluently by Greysha

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Genre; Indie Pop

Track title; Life Goes Fluently

Artiste; Greysha

Released; February 2020

Life goes fluently is a single by upcoming artiste Greysha,this track was my first introduction to her music as an artiste and I wasn’t disappointed. If anything I can’t wait to see what more this young songstress has in store for us and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing and hearing more from her. The recording of this song was quite a unique one as the entire recording of this song took place in Greysha’ room and was done on GarageBand.

I loved the intro of this song especially the good use of the sound effects leading up to the main vocals. The simplicity of the instrumentation by having only a gritty guitar strumming in comparison to the raw power and emotions she put in her vocals truly added a beautiful yet melancholic feel that just suited the ‘dark mood’ of the song. I also loved the clapping I could hear in the background at certain intervals within the song. The chorus is melodious and is one of those that keeps ringing in your head hours after you’ve listened to the song.

Greysha’ vocals on this song though similar to some of her previous songs I’ve checked out, it doesn’t change the fact that her vocals are distinctive and edgy yet filled with raw emotions and conviction. I liked how expressive she was with her feelings through out the duration of the song.

The lyrics of this song are deep and thought-provoking, a worthy tribute to the young mind and the feeling of hopelessness that we’re usually faced with. Ever heard of the saying ‘life must go on?’ this song encompasses that saying in its entirety, it’s easy to lose focus and wallow in experiences of the past while forgetting that life wouldn’t wait for us irrespective of what happens. It’s left to us to enjoy the present/ live in the moment and build a future of our choosing instead of dwelling on the hardships and struggles we’re faced with.

She also delves into the issues that usually accompanies young love, Greysha asks a question that pretty much sums up what usually causes problems between two people in love when she asks ‘ isn’t it funny how we always want to leave where we are?’ and if you put this question in context why do people always ruin a good thing either a relationship, friendship or marriage by wanting something else somwhere else. One can just hear the pent up emotions in her voice as it seems she finally realizes that sometimes it’s better to just let that special person go and it just might not be worth holding on to as she sings ‘ I can’t seem to find any light…there’s nothing for me here anymore!’

She ends with a fitting outro to what has been a mix of melancholic yet emotional track as she belts out the lyric ‘my heart’s getting undressed’ Quite frankly what I loved about this song is the fact that the interpretation of the lyrics is all up to all up to the listener. It’s so easy to get lost in each word of the lyrics and let one’s imagination run wild and free.

Greysha is an incredibly talented artiste with a unique sound, this sound of hers is what’s bound to differentiate her as an artiste as she goes further in the music industry if she keeps it up. Overall this song was worth a listen and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for more music from this budding artiste and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too once you give it a listen.

Freedom is just a state of mind


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Greysha delivers a psychedelic and dream-like composition, binding her looming melodies and soulful lyrics into her music. Her imminent electric melodies resonate softly and depict a dark, passionate presence. Greysha captures love and being, want and waiting, depicting life as if it were a dream.

Born in Norfolk, Greysha, personally known as Grace Keeling-Doncaster, moved to Shropshire, UK, at the age of two where she grew up and educated at Church Stretton secondary school and Ludlow college.

Greysha has always been inspired by people and emotions, along with her childhood and her being, always feeling the need to explore these attributes in her life whether that be through drawing, writing or music. 

At the current age of seventeen, Greysha is excited for her future as a musician.

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