Abbey’s verdict – Thriving by Cenza

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Track title; Thriving

Genre; Pop

Artiste; Cenza

Released; 2020

Coming on the heels of her acclaimed debut single ‘City lights’ , upcoming pop artiste and songwriter Cenza is back with a new single titled thriving. From the catchy and repetitive lyrics to the simplistic instrumentation involving the basic bass and plaintive guitar riffs this song has all the making of what could be a successful pop song.

The intro of this song really did not do much for me maybe because I couldn’t decipher what was been said, I probably would have connected to it if I understood what was said instead of just hearing mumblings and yet having no idea what it was how it was going to correlate with the rest of the song. Though I did love the addition of the phone – recording that gave way for what I think was an exhilirating vocal performance and was also a fitting way to also end the track.

On this song we get to better appreciate the raw power and depth of Cenza’s voice. Her voice has so much emotion behind it which really helps us the listeners want to connect with her every word. She proves herself to be not just a versatile vocalist but a talented songwriter.

What i love about this song is the deep and subtle meaning behind it and how it can be ironically misunderstood to be ‘about a guy’, this song explores the feeling of often second guessing oneself for making a choice and owning it, and about the desire to be unafraid of being perceived as intimidating just because one’s succeeding at something. When asked what she hopes her listeners gain from this song ,Cenza had this to say; “I hope this song empowers everyone who hears it to own their choices and to stop feeling like they have to dumb themselves down or make themselves smaller to make others more comfortable. And to have fun with it.” The context of this song is something most of us can relate to, the society consistently tries to dictate our behaviors and mannerisms but despite this we need to learn to “thrive”.

The beat on this song was solid yet at some points it just seemed to be competing and drowning out the vocals making it difficult to make out some parts of the lyrics clearly. This song would have benefited from more instrumental-vocal balance and less audio effects, as at some points it made it pretty hard to clearly hear the lyrics.

This track has a melancholic feel to it yet what truly makes it stand out is its message of empowerment. Cenza is a talented artiste with her own unique voice and sound that really shined through on this track. I really cannot wait to hear more from her and I really think she still has a lot to offer in terms of good music.

Get on my level or go

Cenza (Chen-za)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Cenza (chen-za) is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer from Red Bank, NJ. Cenza released her first single, “City Lights,” in April 2020, and has already been heard on IMP Radio (WIMP), National Indie Radio (WNIR), and more.

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