Abbey’s verdict – Need To Talk by Anna Awe and Phil Painson

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Track; We need to talk

Genre; Electronic dance music

Artistes; Anna Awe and Phil Painson

Released; June 22,2020

We need to talk is an upbeat electronic dance song by Anna Awe and Phil Painson with catchy beats and vocals that shows the infused pop sound within it, but then the high tempo bass synth along with the drum machine already gives off the song as EDM. As seen in her other tracks what truly makes this song stand out is the powerful yet dream-like voice of Anna and the overall beautiful production of the song.

The intro of this song is as energetic and ear-catchy as they come and what really got my attention and maintained it through out the song was the drum beats which just provided a dark melancholic vibe to the entire song it was literally heart pounding. And got me in the right head space when the rich yet distinct vocals of Anna began,I was blown away by the consistency and quality of her vocals especially when the chorus began. There’s just something unique about her voice and the way she conveys her emotions that would have you in ‘Awe’

The sing-song lyrics of this song addresses the lack of communication between partners, she seems to be addressing a partner who for whatever reason isn’t talking to her. She seems to be trying to reach out to connect and understand what exactly is going on, she even tries to give probable reasons for the non – communication as she sings ‘i can’t tell if it’s love or hate or empathy or if you’re too scared to let me know’ and hints on the fact that if they finally do talk they will see how much they connect and can appreciate one another and make things alright. Anna makes a strong case on this song to make us the listeners learn to realize that both in friendships and relationships ‘communication is key.’

Filled with heavy booming bass and a drum machine with somewhat distant drum beats in the background this song was masterfully produced to give it that raw electronic sound while maintaining the songs own originality. The beats are unlike any I’ve heard before…so that was a really good thing for me.

This is a track that I personally enjoyed and I’m sure you’ll to. It’s a song we can vibe and relax to, especially with such a melodious chorus it won’t be long before it gets locked in your head and you start singing along to it. For those who have never listened to any of Anna’s songs this will be a great introduction to this artiste as it truly allows her vocal prowess to shine through.

I know we need to talk,

Let’s make it alright.

Anna Awe

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Anna Awe is an NYC-based American producer /singer/ songwriter / keyboardist originally from Boston. Her music blends tomorrow’s sounds, electronics and synths with traditional songwriting and poetry. Ever since she was a young child, people have been moved by her vocal talents, and her soulful, mellifluous voice. As a producer and performer, she learned her craft from many around her, including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artists. She is very open-minded about music, and loves to pull diverse influences into one very coherent pop sound.

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