Abbey’s verdict – Lockdown EP by Sleepy Boy

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EP title; Lockdown


  • Holiday
  • Routine
  • Isolation
  • Together

Genre; Indie Rock

Band; Sleepy Boy

Band members; Haz and Jam

Release date; 2020

Lockdown is the 4 – track debut EP by punk rock band Sleepy Boy to be released through the duration of the month, so far three tracks – Holiday, Routine and Isolation has been released. New tracks are released every Thursday of the week so make sure to catch up on the three already released and the last one soon-to-be released. This EP chronicles different aspects and emotions associated with the lockdown that has been in place in almost all countries since the Covid- 19, and I’m sure the listeners will be able to relate alot with it.

Holiday is the perfect intro to this ‘lockdown diaries’, it begins with an array of instrumentals the most prominent been the drums, that heavy monotone beat of the drum just seemed to add an extra edge to this song. The vocals is as catchy and melodious as they come, this entire track was so fun to listen to. The lyrics were just as fun and playful as it reflected on the different holidays and activities we’re missing out on right now but despite all of this ‘we should still be thankful we’re not ill’ and this in itself sums up most of the year so far. It’s easy to be carried away and saddened by how different events of this year has side railed our plans but despite this we should still be thankful and take this as it comes with no complaints. Some funny one liners were also incoporated which made the song even better for me with, I could not help but burst out laughing when he sang “you’re missing time with your favorite friends but the first person you’ll see when you’re released is your boss” like chile😣 no need to remind us. The instrumental breaks at different points in the song really stood out for me as I got to appreciate both the vocals and the instrumentation together as a unit and individually….and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Just sit at home and browse pictures of where you would have stayed and you’re missing out on your favorite place!

Sleepy boy band ; Holiday

Routine was the shortest track on this EP and one of my favorites. It begins with more of a surreal and relaxed tempo compared to the first track. The intro was equally good and engaging leading to the main vocals. The vocals on this track seemed so carefree which is actually what made it so unique. The lyrics like the title of the track might have given away centered around the repetitive routines he had been made to endure and just how he “I find this really boring, I’ve eaten countless food and now I’ve started touring in my house in the sitting room and no one cares.” I felt this in my soul as during this times well our activities has been pretty limited and even though it can get tiring and boring as he says ‘we should stay inside’ regardless. As was characteristic in holiday the instrumental break was the highlight for me as was the catchy chorus. It’s easy for the listener to lose themselves in the playful and catchy nature of the lyrics as well as the engaging rhythm, the artistes still do well to remind each of us for the need to not throw caution to the wind and stay indoors until normalcy returns.

Isolation was the longest track on this EP and continued with the tempo on Routine except it was even slower. The intro was peaceful and had me anticipating what was to come and I was pleasantly surprised by the soft relaxed vocals that came through my earpiece which was in contrast to what I had heard in the previous tracks. The vocals especially his pitch as he hit each notes were beautifully executed and showed the versatility in sound. The lyrics were thoughtful and original and was a break from the lockdown themed lyrics as it focuses on missing a loved one especially when one comes across a ‘keepsake’ that just reminds you of them, the lead vocalist seemed to be torn between this nostalgic memories and actually realizing that he has to move past this feelings and person as he sings ‘maybe I should just move on’

Together is a befitting ending to this EP and I loved the cymbal like effects at the intro. The lyrics seem to be an ode to those individuals who have helped us and are still helping us get through this lockdown together while shining some light on the effects of this lockdown on both the economy and the environment. On this track the lyrics encourages ‘staying at home’ even though it might be lonely it’s still just temporary, and I think this message of unity and togetherness is what we all really need at this time.

Without us nature is starting to thrive, maybe we should stay inside cause I think we’ve had our time.

It’s only been a few weeks and the rivers are running clean and I think we can figure out how to live in harmony.

Sleepy Boy; Together

This EP is a masterpiece and could not have come at a better and more convenient time than this, it’s exactly what you need to get through this lockdown. The versatility of this EP and the overall feeling of positivity and nostalgia it brings is one of the main reasons I have this as part of my lockdown playlist and exactly why you need to listen to it as well. This band is quite unlike any I have listened to and this says a lot about how good and distinct their sound is especially with how original their lyrics was to the instrumentation especially the drum sounds and guitar riff and to how masterfully produced the EP was. It was particularly difficult to choose which of this songs was my favorite because they were all so good it’s just so difficult to pick one. Well I’ll have my eyes peeled and ears to the ground in anticipation of what more this band had to offer us.

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