Abbey’s verdict – So high by Chris Dallman

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Track; So high

Genre; Electro – pop

Artiste; Chris Dallman

Album; Digital blue

Released; August 7th, 2020

So high is a track off Chris’s soon to be released album ‘Digital Blue’. This track is a beautiful mix of electronic instruments, emotion filled vocals and great lyricism especially with how different it’s from the artistes previous folk – inclined songs. Chris Dallman is in no way new to the music scene but his ability to explore a whole new genre and expand his musical horizon is worthy of note.

The song opens up with the usual synths and drum machine beats indicating electronic music but we’re soon introduced to the dreamy – like vocals, catchy melody and original lyrics which gives the song a mix of that pop sound we can sing along and vibe to. The intro to this song for me could have been more engaging from the get-go before the vocals began, but his vocals more than made up for it.

There are singers whose voices are soothing and just brings some sort of inner peace and comfort and Chris is certainly one of those. His soft yet sultry vocals appealed to my imagination as it was just easy to hang on to every word of his lyrics while making up my own interpretation along the way. The beautiful melody and reassurance in his voice was captivating, I could literally feel the emotion in his voice and that really is what music is truly all about.

The lyrics of this song seems like a letter from a man searching for answers as to the source of happiness of a friend or lover as he asks “How do you get so high? I want to know”. High in this case can be interpreted to mean different things to different listeners, I interpret it as happiness or joy. Chris opened up to us as to the inspiration behind this song “I was a really heavy drinker for many years and it weighed me down with sadness and anxiety all the time, causing me to hide from the world. During that time period I would see people that were happy and carefree and obviously not as consumed with burden as I was and I would wonder what they knew that I didn’t. Like, was there a secret to happiness?” explains Chris. “I quit drinking a year and a half ago and came out of hiding. My whole life changed and I felt like I could finally connect to people and connect to moments of happiness. And I looked to the people closest to me to help me learn what makes me happy, to learn how to experience joy.”

‘So High’ is a song of deep meaning and what I love most about it is that its interpretation can vary depending on the listener while still revolving around the message of finding our own happiness and ‘high’. “So I wanted a song that not only sonically reflected the peaceful groove and flow I started feeling in life, but also lyrically reflected the journey of leaning into your own capacity to experience joy” expresses Chris.

This song was quite different in more ways than one when compared to his other songs and this is both positive and negative for me. On a positive note it is always nice to see an artiste push his boundaries beyond just one genre but on the other hand I couldn’t help but notice that his voice just didn’t seem to blend in quite well with the electronic beat. His soft vocals and the heaviness of the instrumentation just didn’t seem to go well together, it wasn’t a case of one not being as good as the other but rather as two good things just not aligning as one. Despite this, the song made for a good yet groovy listen and the originality of the lyrics as well as the meaning it conveyed made quite an impression on me.

I’m certainly looking forward to his new album coming out on September 23rd,2020 and so should you!

You don’t do anything for show,

It’s like you don’t even try, YOU GLOW

So I go anywhere you go !

Chris Dallman; So High

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Chris Dallman was born and raised in Milwaukee, at age 18 he moved to New York City, where he honed his chops at local open mics before signing with Treasure Records for his debut album ‘Race the light’. In 2004, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he recorded three EPs including Sad Britney, a record of Britney Spears covers that reached #7 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts. His music video for Ghosts reached #1 on, and he has licenced his music to MTV’s The Real World, Hallmark, Lifetime and various independent films. Dallman has toured both the US and overseas, sharing the stage with the likes of Amos Lee, Jonathan Rice, Ben Lee and Amy Helms.

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