Abbey’s verdict – Thoughts On The Ceiling by Nautics

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Track; Thoughts On The Ceiling

Genre; Alternative

Band; Nautics

Band members;

  • Kenzo Repola- Vocalist/guitarist
  • Van – Bassist
  • Levitt Yaffe – Drummer
  • Amir ‘The Hands’ Brivanlou – Keyboardist

Released; 2020

Thoughts on the ceiling is a track by New York based band Nautics coming on the heels of the recent release of their acclaimed EP ‘The Glorious Escapades Of A Great Escape” which features one of their most successful songs till date ‘Post Madonna.’ They prove once again that they’re not slowing down anytime soon and still have a lot to offer in terms of good music as their influence and fans continue to grow beyond NYC. The band will be donating the song’s proceeds via streams to the Food bank for NYC, an organization whose main aim is to work towards ending food poverty by organizing food and support to needy citizens of New York City.

Before i even got to listen to this track, the cover art had already caught my attention with how good and abstract it looked ( so they get extra points in my book for that). The intro of this song set a relatively relaxed tone before the main vocals begins and this tone was carried on for most parts of the song. But what I really loved was the instrumental break in between which brought a serious pop of energy at different intervals on the song. The song gives us the perfect mix of indie rock and pop music from the instrumentals to the dreamy vocals,catchy rhythms and guitar riffs while also incorporating the 90s dance with the synths, this song clearly draws a lot of inspiration from different genres and elements which the Nautics were able to bring together to create their own unique sound.

Kenzo’s vocal on this track is beautiful and distinctive especially as he maintained a consistent vocal quality through out the duration of the song. Though if there was just a little bit more emotion or expressiveness put into the vocals I feel it would have made for an even better listen. The instrumentals compliments the vocals perfectly with one balancing out the other pretty well.

The lyrics of this song are original and takes us through the anxiety that accompanies the moment when one lover waits for the other as he sings “I’m waiting for your love.. I’m waiting for your thoughts on the ceiling.” I really think we all can relate to the scenario where we or those we love are so lost in thoughts and almost oblivious of the surrounding as they stare blankly at the ceiling. What makes the lyrics more enjoyable and relatable lies in the fact that it’s left to the listener to interpret the song however they deem fit and just make it personal to them, so all you’ve got to do is let your imagination run wild.

This is an upbeat song that is not just easy to relax and chill with but is also a danceable track. It’s literally perfect for any mood within and outside the dance floor, all you’ve got to do is let the music flow and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did. This song will certainly appeal to any and everyone irrespective of the genre they are accustomed to.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

“Now I’m in a shitty/ teen rock band,” Kenzo Repola sings on the 2017 song “Cosmonaut.” However, a listen to their years of “space-rock” suggests Nautics is far more than that. Formed in 2014, the New York four piece is comprised of Kenzo Repola (vocals and guitar), Van (bass), Levitt Yaffe (drums), and Amir “The Hands” Brivanlou (keys).

The band’s first album, ​IV: The Misadventures of an Indestructibly Melancholy City​, was released in 2015 on Bandcamp. A mature debut, the album contained “I’ll Be Waiting,” a nostalgia-inducing song which continues to be one of the band’s most played. A natural successor to 2000s New York rock, the band has played in local venues like Mercury Lounge and Webster Hall.

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