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EP; Expression of Thoughts

Artiste; Will Baddeley

Genre; Hip-hop

Track list;

  • Intro
  • Black Mirror ft Hannah Fox
  • Better place
  • Closure
  • Astral (Interlude)
  • I’m so sorry ft Hannah Fox
  • Three years later
  • Never a perfect day ft Émilie Rachel

Release date; 21st August, 2020

Expression of Thoughts is an 8-track debut EP by rising hip-hop artiste Will Baddeley, this EP combines pop – rap with core hip-hop and features guest artistes Hannah Fox and Émilie Rachel. For those of you who might not know, hip-hop and trap music are my favorite genres and I’m always happy when I get to listen to rappers who truly know the game. This EP was my first introduction to Will as an artiste and oh it left me wondering how he had even escaped my radar for so long – that’s just how good this EP is. Before I give it all away let’s get straight to the review!

Intro was a melancholic begining to this EP, it begins with a brief monologue by Will where he talks to us his listeners about his hope that we ‘relate and feel’ this EP while bringing to our attention that he doesn’t care about the number of listeners but rather his main aim for this EP was for his ‘him and his journey.’ – that part of his monologue goes to show his motive behind his music and I’m nothing but impressed with how true he stays to himself and his journey so far. I loved the duality of this track as he not only displayed his rap prowess but also his vocals as well, though I didn’t really vibe with the chorus.

The lyrics are more like an effortless freestyle that revolves around his passion for music as he reminisces on what has brought him this far and his vision for his musical future as he sings “…the industry is tough but I won’t leave in pieces.” For me this was an appropriate intro into this personal EP after all the best place to begin a story is from the very beginning, and this song sets the tone and serves as a great introduction into the mind and thoughts of this musician. Though for me I think the intro didn’t necessarily need to be as long as it was (3+ minutes) and also the beats just seemed to be competing with his vocals so it was difficult to fully appreciate some parts of the lyrics without paying extra attention.

Black mirror is the only track on this EP with a featured artiste and trust me it was worth it. Though this song had been previously released last year it was still a great and welcome addition on here especially as this was actually the first track of Will that I ever listened to. So I have quite a soft spot for this song,I still remember how blown away I was when I first listened to it and that feeling hasn’t changed one bit as I sit here listening to it once again. The play of words and delivery on each of Will’s rap verse shows how great of a lyricist he really is, and this verses are complimented by the angelic voice of Hannah as she belts out the chorus with so much power and emotion in her voice.

On this track we’re able to appreciate the contrast between the rawness of Will’s voice and the soft yet sultry voice of Hannah. This track expertly tackles the issue of the negative influences of social media as he raps “ I feel for my generation it’s frustrating…feel for the ones who’re lost in likes.” This is one aspect I think most of the listeners will be able to relate to seeing as most of our time is spent on social media, this song is a good reminder to step away from the screens and take a break especially when it begins to negatively affect you. in this case . I loved how they let the instrumentals make up the outro on this song.

Better place the intro to this song gives the feeling of a dark – themed track but the irony begins when the lyrics start to unfold and I realize this song is literally a song of hope and of survival. I love when artists make themselves vulnerable through their music and Will did just that as he took a a chapter of his own personal experiences and turned it into this inspiring track. He touches on different topics from how hard it’s to write a good song to working a job he didn’t like even to.all he did to numb his pain and how he felt his life had no meaning but it ends in a befitting chorus as he sings ‘now I find myself in a better place’

His perseverance to live out his dreams and courage in himself is a central part of this track as he confidently announces ‘..My ego’s coming through cause I am so much better than you and you and you….I’m just stating facts and that’s true’. My review of this track just wouldn’t be complete if I don’t compliment the intricacy of his rhyming skills as well as the beats on this track. This was one of my favorite tracks on this EP and really at this point I gotta say he doesn’t miss, from the positive lyrics to the rad beats especially the way the beats change once he gets to the chorus all makes this song distinct not forgetting the addition of the alarm clock at a certain point brought its own flair.

I’ve paid my dues and,

You’ve paid for views

Once I’m awake I don’t ever hit snooze.

Will Baddeley; Better place

Closure is my favorite song on this track and that has everything to do with just how much I connected to the lyrics. This was one of those songs that took me straight down memory lane as the lyrics just seemed to be speaking directly at me as I’m sure it’ll to you as well. The intro begins with a somewhat melancholic and monotonous guitar play that led up to his amazing vocals, this song takes on a slower tempo than the previous songs as he mainly displays that he’s not just a good rapper but can hold his own as a good vocalist. I had almost concluded that he was going to be singing through out the duration of the song but by 3:49 we get that familiar fast tempo rap that has been the hallmark of most of the previous track.

The rap verse here gave me serious Slim Shady vibes and it doesn’t surprise me much seeing as Eminem is one of his inspirations. The lyrics of this song takes us through the emotions and feelings we have when in need of closure especially after a relationship, but the main lesson here is about looking forward and just knowing that despite the pain we experience at the present moment it’s only temporary. And I think we all need to hear it because sometimes we get so lost in our own misery that we burn bridges and lose ourselves in the process. Closure is one of the longest track on this EP at 4+ minutes.

Liar liar

Your pants are on fire

Will Baddeley; Closure

Astral (interlude) is the shortest track on the EP. It was a great idea to have this midway into the EP as it provided ample opportunity for me to take a break and appreciate what I had already listened to while hyping up my interest for what is to come. There were different instrumentals put into this interlude at some point I was getting an out of the world/ space rock feel from it. It creates a peaceful atmosphere that made it even easier for me to lose myself in it.

I’m so sorry is the longest track on the EP at over 5minutes long. Once again Will Baddeley enlists the beautiful vocals of songstress Hannah Fox on this track and they prove once again that their collaborations produces nothing short of masterpieces. If the title of the track didn’t already give it out, the song is more or less a letter of apology to a loved one who has broken one’s trust what I really loved about this song is how he vividly paints the different scenarios in his rap verses so well that one can just easily imagine each of them. I would be doing this song a great disservice if I fail to mention just how beautiful the chorus is. With each new verse the tempo increases and he seems to be rapping faster and with increased urgency, which makes for a better listen in my opinion. Once again Will channels the lyricism and storytelling of Eminem’s ‘Stan’ on this track and I must say he did good.

It’s what it’s, you did what you did

It’s something you’ve to deal with

I’ve just read your letter and I’ve got missed feelings

You seem to be talking some real deep shit

It’s so sincere,

Are you sorry or do you want my forgiveness?

To ease your own self conscience?

Will Baddeley; I’m so sorry

Three years later begins with a dull drum intro that continues through out the track. This track seems to talk about the changes that usually comes after people move apart and reflects on the journey of moving on with life especially after a break up. Personally this was my least favorite song,though his rap was hard-hitting as usual the chorus of this song just wasn’t something I vibed with, his vocal quality on this track wasn’t as I would have expected especially with the high bar he had already set in previous tracks. Also I felt the track shouldn’t have been as monotonous as it was in terms of the beats, a bit of versatility in the beats and chorus would have made for a better listen in my opinion.

Never a perfect day had a slow and relaxed tempo made even better with the introduction of the piano leading to the main vocals. The main vocals from Emilie was nothing short of atmospheric and set the tone for an effortless transition to Will’s rap. This was a fitting end to what had been a pretty impressive EP and really a great reminder that we’ll have bad days,days where we’re ‘on edge and in fear’ but what matters is to keep moving and keep working on ourselves. Just as he began this EP by welcoming us into his expression of thoughts and allaying his fears to us at different tracks, he fittingly ends it with the confidence of one who has made peace with his fears and is ready to conquer whatever he sets his mind to as he raps ‘..I won’t end till I’m headlining at Reading’

We’re sinking

We’re drifting away

Emilie Rachel; Never a perfect day

This EP takes us back to the glory days of hip-hop where rappers were more or less lyrical gods with an affinity for storytelling. Will does a good job on this EP of taking us down memory lane while setting himself apart and paying homage in subtle ways to the greats like Eminem with his style. Will took us on a personal journey with this EP from his amazing and deep lyricism to creativity he has proven that he is an extremely talented artiste and still has a lot to offer in the hip-hop industry, I cannot wait to hear more music from him because he has really set the bar high for himself with this EP.

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Meet the artiste

So to start I first got involved with music professionally after coming back home from travels, i got inspired along the way to stop wasting time and follow my dream or passion at the time. Shortly after I met a producer who took my under his wing and taught me to produce. Everything on this EP has either been produced in my bedroom or recorded in a home cabin studio. Since then I’ve been continuing to work a full time job whilst focusing on myself as an artist, learning as much as I can about the industry I’m hoping to shape and change.I’ve always been inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Dominic Fike, Ren and Sam Tompkins who have always stayed true to themselves. The best thing you can be in this world is yourself.

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