Abbey’s verdict – In Time, She’s Mine by Sam and Sounds

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Track; In Time, She’s Mine

Genre; Indie Pop

Artiste; Sam and Sounds

Released; 2020

The only positive thing to come out of this pandemic is the fact that we’ve been exposed to not just new music but new artistes as well who make us realize that ‘because a song or artist isn’t mainstream yet doesn’t take away how good the song is.’ In time, she’s mine is the latest release and fourth single from rising indie-pop sensation Sam and Sounds, this is coming on the heels of his tri-factor releases ‘cloud9, Addicted to you and Do it all again.’ From the romantic love-sick lyrics to the catchy melody and the warm heartfelt vocals provided by Sam, this song has all the characteristics and making of what should be a successful and raving summer pop song. This song is especially ‘Cool for the summer’ and guaranteed to make you feel like a hopeless romantic.

The song begins with an array of engaging synths with a beautiful guitar play that forms an upbeat yet danceable sound that leads into the distinctly warm vocals of the main vocalist. Once the intro began I already knew I was in for a thrill and I wasn’t disappointed, the intro took me down memory lane and kind of reminded me of the glory days of One Direction. It’s hard to compare his voice to anyone right now, and that’s a good thing because his uniqueness brings what I consider ‘a breath of fresh air’ to the indie-pop scene. This is one of those songs with a tune you would not be able to get out of your head especially with such a catchy chorus.

Sam and Sounds have a rich yet attractive vocal tone and energy that shines right through in his lyrics, what makes him distinct as an artist is his ability to put real feelings into each word of the lyrics and delivery of this song. Like the title of this track must have already given away the lyrics of this song revolve around waiting and summoning the courage to talk to a girl and ask her out, usually the time between seeing a person you like and actually going up to talk to the person. The songs exude the confidence of one who knows what he wants and who’s looking towards a future with the one he loves.

“I wanted to go back in time a bit and write a song about the time before my girlfriend and I became a thing and I was in the chasing phase” he explains when asked about the inspiration behind this single. ” It was a funny time, like not necessarily knowing what to say or saying stupid things, but still having confidence that ‘in time, she’s mine’ ” he continues.

What makes this long even better is the fact that any listener can personalize the lyrics which makes it even more relatable. The lyrics are beautiful and really pulled at my heartstrings as i.m sure it’ll do to you as well. I highly recommend playing this song or even sending this song to that crush or person you like to let Sam and Sounds do the talking.




Sam and Sounds

My only complaints with this song were with the digital effects at the later parts of the song, though it helped bring a bit of difference to the song I felt the song would have been good with or without it (in my case I would have preferred the song without it).

Sam and Sounds have continually proved with each music release that he’s one of the most talented pop artists in the indie music space as he carves a name out for himself from busking on the streets of Turnbridge Wells to now having 200,000 streams and 32,000 monthly listeners. This song has quite quickly made it to the top of my best pop songs for the year 2020

I couldn’t be more proud to see his growth and versatility as an artist and songwriter as he continues to bless us with good quality music. All I can say is that he doesn’t ever miss! And I cannot wait to hear more from him once his album drops by October – so we clearly have a lot coming from this artist to look out for.

Seriously, none of you should be going off this page without first checking out his new song and adding it to your summer playlists….. I’ll be watching lol! I’m serious though.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Sam’s music journey began in 2019 busking on the streets on Tunbridge Wells and Crawley. Being stuck at home during lock-down gave him little option other than to release music out into the digital world.

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Thanks to Mimi Brock-Stark for reaching out to me with this beautiful song.

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