Music Review – Love Rain by Anna Awe

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Track; Love Rain

Genre; Pop

Artiste; Anna Awe

Released; 2020

Anna Awe is like the gift that keeps on giving judging from the amount of new music she has blessed our ears with this year. What’s most note-worthy is how she flawlessly experiments with different genres of music and brings her own flair and style into each one, ranging from electronic dance music to pop music she has done and excelled at them all.

The track begins with an array of instrumentals, catchy lyrics and rhythms accompanied by tuneful vocals that is characteristic of a pop music that is sure to be a bop, it has been on repeat because frankly I can’t seem to get enough of it. At a point I kept wishing it was longer but then I guess the beauty of this song is that it keeps us the listeners on the edge wanting more. I loved how much fun Anna seemed to be having on this track.

The instrumentals were a perfect match with the playful yet energetic vibe and intensity Anna protrayed through her vocals and lyrics. The drums and bass helped create an upbeat sensation where we the listeners can just lose ourselves in the music and just flair our hands and body clapping and dancing to the beats.

Anna’s signature vocals were effortlessly beautiful and melodic, it was nice to hear this fun and playful side to her voice. The lyrics like the track title gave away is an ode to the joyful feeling of love that makes us let go of any fear and just live in the moment as she sings, ‘Oh let the rain fall down on me, I’m living right here now in peace.

Love Rain is a “love-ly” song I’m sure we would all enjoy, it will quite possibly be able to evoke a feeling of joy as you bump along to it while on a long drive (it sure did for me). Trust me it isn’t a song that you will be able to forget in a hurry!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Anna Awe is an NYC-based American producer /singer/ songwriter / keyboardist originally from Boston. Her music blends tomorrow’s sounds, electronics and synths with traditional songwriting and poetry. Ever since she was a young child, people have been moved by her vocal talents, and her soulful, mellifluous voice. As a producer and performer, she learned her craft from many around her, including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artists. She is very open-minded about music, and loves to pull diverse influences into one very coherent pop sound.

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