Music Review -People like you by Pip Lewis

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Track; People like you

Genre; Indie music

Artiste; Pip Lewis

Released; August 25th, 2020

Producer; Mylo Bard

People like you is the newest track from the San Diego based artiste Pip Lewis. This track has been featured on Mahogany Sessions, BBC Introducing, and 91X FM so far. I’ve no doubt we’ll be on the receiving end of more good music from this young talent in good time.

The song begins with a beautiful nostalgia inducing piano play that sets the tone as her angelic raw yet powerful vocals begins the track. Her vocals clearly ring with conviction and emotions that compels the listener into paying attention to each and every word of the lyrics she belts out. Her vocals are clear and this makes it even easier to grasp the lyrics better, I was quite surprised by the warmth and power of her voice. It really is unlike any I’ve heard in a while.

Her vocal tone consistency and quality throughout the song both when hitting the low and high notes was nothing short of impressive. And this is what makes the song even better and more enjoyable for me though a bit monotonous the true star of this track were her vocals as well as her in-depth lyricism.

The simplicity of the instrumentals used in this track with only a piano in the background evokes different feelings and emotion depending on the listener. Also the instrumental didn’t distract us from the message that Pip was trying to pass across but rather made her vocals the main ‘instrument.’

The lyrics are original and thought provoking especially in light of recent events going on in the world right now, songs like this reminds us that as much as we would want to make a worldwide change sometimes the change needs to begin with us as individuals.

“I might not have an answer or a plan, but I’ll be a better human if I can” Pip Lewis sings. If this doesn’t sum up what we need to strive to do then I don’t know what does. If we can strive to be better humans individually then we can all collectively make a difference in our community, city, country and the world as a whole. The change we seek for begins with you and I.

This is one song I didn’t know how much I needed until I heard it and now can’t get enough of. This song was my introduction to this artiste, so give me a minute while I go give her entire discography a listen.

To hear such a reinvigorating voice paired with well thought out lyrics having a message of true change and positivity to anyone who listens to it was a great start to my day/week. I know you will share this sentiment of mine once you give this track a listen – which I know you’ll 🥺

Rating: 5 out of 5.

People like you is available on all streaming platforms.

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Meet the artiste

Pip Lewis is a seventeen-year-old British singer-songwriter. Now based in San Diego, Pip has grown a loyal following globally. Her profound bond with music and words not only resonates with listeners but educates the heart and soul alike. She’s a lover of nature, reading, and rock-climbing. Her determination and eccentricity make for a good show.

You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter

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