Music Review – Money by The Great Leslie

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Track; Money

Genre; Alternative Rock

Band; The Great Leslie

Band members;

  • Ollie Trevers – Lead vocalist
  • Jason Boyd – Bassist
  • Guillermo Campoy – Guitarist
  • Ryan Lavender – Drummer

Released; 28th August, 2020

The Great Leslie formerly known as Ollie Trevers after their lead singer, are back with not only a revamped new name but also an even better track ‘Money’ that truly captures their growth to becoming a band that should be reckoned with in the rock scene.

The song begins with an upbeat captivating intro that slowly builds momentum and intensity as the instrumentals ranging from the guitars to the drums and the bass come together to give us that hard-hitting rock sound we all love to hear. The intro was quite engaging as it set a great tone for the lead vocalist Oliver, though the beat seemed to step down a notch in intensity to allow his voice truly shine.

Oliver’s voice was nothing like what I was expecting…but that’s a good thing and quite unique if I might add. His voice has a soft and sultry vibe to it as he belts out each lyric though I would have loved to feel more emotions in his voice. His vocal range on here is everything as he flawlessly delivers each note in the song to perfection.

The way the beats change between each verse and chorus brings so much versatility to the song for me, this makes the song even more catchy and melodic as the vocalist isn’t just singing over a monotonous beat that would have most likely made the song boring. Not to talk of how good the instrumental break was.

The lyrics were original and simple to understand, especially when put into the artistes’ context, it revolves around the emotions involved in dealing with a partner who prioritizes money over love.

When asked about the context and inspiration for the song,the lead singer Oliver had this to say “Money is a song influenced by a past relationship, where I found that my partner was very materialistic which in turn made me realise how different we were as people.” The track also attempts to highlight ‘love as the true currency of people’s souls as opposed to the contents of their bank accounts’ symbolising our saddened materialistic society, he further explains.

What really sets the song apart for me is that despite how personal it’s for the band they still found a way to make the lyrics as relatable as possible so we the listeners can not just relive their experience with them but also see parts of ourselves within it all. It’s so easy to connect to the emotions within this song and its message especially as it deals with a topic I’m sure we all have in one way or the other experienced.

This song is a brilliant work of art from the Great Leslie seeing as this is their first song under their new name, they really lived up to the hype. This song was everything and more with its catchy rhythm, tuneful melody, heavy basslines and guitar riffs, drums and charming vocals these all came together to produce such a fun track.

This song is my first introduction to the band I couldn’t be more grateful to Mimi Brock-Stark for bringing this song and band within my radar. If you’re a fan of rock music I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy this, even if you aren’t a fan of rock music this is one song I’m sure will appeal to you. I can’t wait to see what more the band has for us, I’ve got a good feeling that we’re in for a wild ride with them.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Meet the band

The Great leslie are a Woodford-based alternative rock band, combining raw vocals with a rock and roll swagger to produce a sound that will leave you wanting more. Fronted by Ollie Trevers, a singer songwriter from Leeds College of Music and ICMP, The Great Leslie have been performing live since March 2019 and have a number of successful EP’s under their belt which already showcase their progressive and evolving sound; from post punk/classic rock to psychedelic blues/folk.  The Great Leslie brings poetry to their lyrics, distinctive talent to their vocals, psychic aspects to their rhythms and humour to their vibe. There simply isn’t anything that this band cannot do and to simply sum it up, The Great Leslie are a band that encapture an array of talent and professionalism.

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