Music Review – Don’t Wanna Go Back by Bonze

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Track; Don’t wanna go back

Genre; Electronic Alt pop

Artiste; Bonze

Release date; 11th September, 2020

Don’t wanna go back is the soon to be released latest single from electropop alternative artiste Bonze.

The song begins with an amazing synth followed by monotonous drum beats that also ushers in Bonze’ vocals. His vocals are nothing short of beautiful, and had me entranced once it began. I was at the edge of my seat in awe of how clear and alluring Bonze’s voice was throughout the duration of the song.

The chorus is catchy in every sense of the word, from the beats to the lyrics it just can’t seem to stop ringing in my head. I like how his vocal tone changes between the verse and the chorus. As he sings each verse I could feel the emotions in each word of the lyrics he belted out but immediately the chorus begins we get a powerful rendition that just balances the entire song out.

Every good song needs an even better instrumentation/ beats and this song had all that and more, the balance between the electronic instruments while incorporating certain pop features within this song made for a perfect mix that gave me personally the best of both worlds (electronic music and alternative pop).

The lyrics were original and easy to understand and relate to though it carried so much emotions deep within each simple wording. What I loved about the lyrics was the disparity between the lyrics in each verse and the chorus. On each verse he seems to sing about the feeling of not fully letting go of a relationship/person that isn’t good for him, and despite all the signs he keeps ‘returning to the person’. Then on the chorus he sings “don’t wanna go back”, and seriously I relate to this irony more than I would love to and I’m sure most of us will too. He really painted a factual picture of the feeling of returning to someone who is either toxic or bad for us because we can’t let go of him or her against all better judgement.

In his own words the artiste had this to say;

The song is about not going back to something or someone that is bad for you. But, no matter what you do, you know you’ll give in and go back. It’s about empowerment and vulnerability and inevitability. This sound had a bitter-sweet, lofi melody which described exactly how I was feeling at the time…

Jack ‘Bonze’ Reardon

This song makes for a great listen from the beautiful array of electronic instruments and synths, catchy bittersweet pop melody, simple lyrics that creates even deeper emotions and the amazing soulful vocals of Bonze are some of the things that contributes to my love for the song. Be sure to give this song a listen once it’s out, I’m quite positive you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.

My friends are tired of hearing,

your name is tied to my lips

their patience disappearing.

Bonze; Don’t wanna go back

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The song will be available on SoundCloud

Meet the artiste

Jack ‘Bonze’ Reardon is an electronic alt pop artiste that has been championed throughout the BBC as one to watch, with over 100k plays on his latest single ‘Higher’. Inspired by the alternative sounds of the 80’s, Jack brings a crisp new commercial edge with a moody downbeat.  As an established songwriter, Jack was commissioned in 2019 to write for Men’s Fashion Week runway show at London College of Fashion.

The latest single ‘Don’t Wanna Go Back’ will be released by September 11th on Young & Miserable Records. 

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Thanks once again to Mimi Brock-Stark for recommending such a lovely song.

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