Abbey’s verdict – You / Meet Me (In The Pouring Rain) by The Motive

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  • You
  • Meet Me (In The Pouring Rain)

Genre; Indie Rock

Band; The Motive

Band Members;

  • Max (Lead vocals / rhythm guitar)
  • Jamie (Drums)
  • Joe (Bass)
  • James (Lead guitar)

Released; September 15th, 2020

The Motive are a London based indie rock band set to release their latest singles You and Meet Me (In The Pouring Rain) on the 15th of September. How many times have I come across a band releasing two new songs on the same day? Well this happens to be the first time and trust me it’s twice as good, I feel like a kid who has been offered two of her favorite candies all at once!

The first track You begins with an engaging intro that gradually increases in tempo with the introduction of the different instrumentals just before the main vocals begins. The vocals begins and brings along with it such passion and nostalgia, as each lyrics seems more or less like a letter to a lover which makes this song sound more personal. The irony about the song is the beats kind of had a happy danceable tone to it that didn’t fit the dark tone of the lyrics.

I would have loved the song even more if they had added some sort of an edgy/ grittier guitar tone to match the nostalgic dark themed lyrics. Despite this I loved the simplicity and vulnerability of this track, it more or less sounded like the lead vocalist was baring his feelings to us and it gives room for us the listeners to connect on a deeper level to some of what he says.

The lyrics paint a picture of a lover who still thinks of what could have been in regards to a past relationship as he reminisces ” I’m still looking for an answer… and I hate the feeling that I could have done things better.”

As the song gets to a close he seems to have resigned to fate as he sings “it’s all about you wasting my time… I’ll never need you.” I don’t know about you all but I felt these lyrics in my soul and I’m sure you will too because I can guarantee most of us have been in such situations.

Meet Me (In the Pouring Rain) fittingly begins with a recording of raindrops that leads to a somewhat peaceful and relaxed intro that sets what I feel is a perfect rhythm for this song. This track gave me massive RnB feel and I just love the versatility.

Max’ vocals has a melancholic yet almost monotonous ring to it for most of the song which really set the mood throughout. By now y’all should know that I live for instrumental breaks and this song had one of the best instrumental breaks I have heard in a while, and they proved once again that ‘simplicity is more’.

From the lyrics to the instrumentation and the vocals everything was entertwined to give us this masterpiece. The lyrics were moody and quite frankly depicted quite well the frustration we have all felt at some point or the other during the lockdown, copped up inside unable to go out. Despite the dark themed lyrics there remains some sentiments of hope within this song. One line in the lyric that really struck me was the part that said “it’s clear things will never be the same” – this really sums up our new reality!

My only issue and really it isn’t much of an issue – but I didn’t need this song to be 5minutes and 27seconds long even with the instrumental breaks, I personally feel it would have benefitted more from a shorter length. Despite this I enjoyed this song.

It’s pretty hard to choose a favorite from this two tracks because they’re all really good songs, but now I’ve put myself on the spot I would have to go with Meet me (In The Pouring Rain), probably since I’ve a somewhat biased love towards melancholic songs.

This was my first time listening to this band’ music and I’m both surprised that they escaped my radar for this long but also overjoyed that I’ve found a new band to go binge listen to because they’re just that good.

The Motive bring what I classify as a breath of fresh air to the indie rock scene creating their own unique sound along the way. I can already tell they still have quite a lot to offer us. Overall this songs are a tremendous effort from the band especially in terms of originality.

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Meet the band

The Motive is an indie rock band based in the South West of London consisting of members Jamie, James, Max and Joe.

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