Music Review – First Light by Now Ex

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Track; First Light

Genre; Electronic Alternative Pop

Band; Now Ex

Band members;

  • Nick Hampson
  • Harry Brokensha

Released; 28th August, 2020

First Light is the newest musical offering from long-time collaborators and friends Nick and Harry. What first got my attention with this band was their name “Now Ex” it just sounded so mysterious and unique, and it really got me hyped up to listen to this single.

This song begins with an out the gate heart pumping tempo that gradually eases of a bit leaving us to revel in the almost hypnotic ringing voice of Nick as he seamlessly flexes his classically trained vocals over the driving synth bass.

What really stood out for me was how the intensity of the instrumentals were bold yet powerful especially during the chorus.

This track took me on a ride as I literally got lost in his voice only to suddenly experience a shift that brought me out of that trance into a chilled fast-paced tune that had me bumping. The dark tone of the song helped feed into the drama it provided hence fostering the cinematic effect the duo seamlessly produced on this single.

The emotions and feelings in the flow of words from each lyric Nick belted out was palpable especially as he sang “… I’m lost without you.” He quite clearly depicted the scenario of struggling to find oneself in a big city while struggling with the issues of the heart where each partner wants something different from the relationship.

Speaking on the new single First light main vocalist Nick Hampson had this to say “First Light explores feeling lost in your twenties in a big city and being okay with bringing someone else down with you, however selfish it may seem.

The song explores the lure and pressure of escapism, hedonism, even right of passage, that goes along with being young in a major urban centre. It’s a thin line between the best night of your life and a cry for help, and so often they can seemingly intertwine” he further explains.

This track has quite a bit of everything from the cinematics to the electronic instrumentals to the classically trained vocals to the ochestral flair and the alternative pop highlights of catchy singable chorus there are different elements to appreciate individually in this song and even collectively as they compliment each other relatively well.

I cannot wait to see what else they’ve to offer especially as they’ve an EP in the works dropping later this year. I’m really looking forward to the release and you should too!

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Meet the band

After meeting in Oxford at University, Harry and Nick have delved into the world of cinema, songwriting and performance which has led them to their newest project, Now Ex. Nick is a celebrated film director and Harry scored his last two movies, the latest of which ‘In the Cold Dark Night’ aired on ABC in the US to an audience of 4 million people in July, 2020. Nick and Harry have big plans for using Now Ex as a vehicle to create music for their upcoming feature film and TV projects. 

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Thanks to Rosa Murdoch for the recommendation.

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