Abbey’s verdict – I Won’t Be Doing That Again by Sam Seccombe

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Track; I Won’t Be Doing That Again

Genre; Indie Pop

Artiste; Sam Seccombe

Released; 17th September, 2020

I won’t be doing that again is the newest track from indie pop sensation Sam Seccombe. This comes on the heels of his acclaimed singles Unboyfriend and Waiting on your love. This is the third track released from his upcoming EP ‘To be quite frank.’

The song begins with quite an almost non existent intro with the vocals coming in almost immediately the song begins. Sam’s vocals are filled with so much emotion from the get-go, he conveys his feelings so well from the lyrics into his delivery of the song and this really was the defining point of the song for me.

The instrumentals were simple yet beautiful without overshadowing his vocals in any way. As usual Sam’s trusted guitar was in play and helped create a more plaintive sound. Though drawing inspiration from greats like John Mayer, Sam puts his own unique spin to truly make this song and sound HIS OWN.

The lyrics were beautifully written and emotional, he accurately captures the different emotions following a break-up. Just listening to this song made me feel like he was relaying my feelings into words – the personal touch and vulnerability put into the song lyrics made all the difference to me.

Sam put it even better as he had this to say about the song “This track is about trying to find the silver lining to something which still drags me back in the low moment.” It’s easier to say than do, but there comes a point when you just have to accept the damage that’s been done and do your best to try and learn from it before it scars any deeper” he continued.

The outro was solemn and was a fitting ending to what had otherwise been a melancholic song. This song brings along with it such a serene feeling that would make anyone listening lose themselves in it – I would recommend blasting this song while on a drive or taking a walk. 🥺

Sam has so far given us three songs this year with almost similar messages yet different takes on love, break-ups and relationships which actually makes me question what my emotional state will be by the time the EP finally drops – I probably will be drowning in my feelings by then.

Sam brings a flair of creativity and originality to the pop scene like no other. And he really is establishing himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Sam Seccombe writes music that is both sincere and outgoing – all from a bedroom desk in SW London. He first sparked an interest in music after picking up the guitar at 11 years old – something which remains to be at the heart of his songwriting, and a staple of his sound.

Early influences of John Mayer, combined with later interest in D’Angelo and Amy Winehouse, have encouraged a musical character that sits comfortably between pop-rock, RnB and jazz.

Sam’s music thrives on a home-grown production style, which is able to develop and adapt alongside his songwriting and development as a musician.

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