Abbey’s verdict – Wild Honey by Alex de Montis

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Track; Wild Honey

Genre; RnB

Artiste; Alex de Montis

Released; 2020

Wild Honey is the debut single of UK based upcoming artiste Alex de Montis. From singing since the age of seven to finally releasing his first single years later, Alex certainly has shown determination in pursuing his passion for music.

On this track Alex expertly tackles and explores the feelings of guilt, unrealistic expectations and attraction in his lyrics while giving off feel-good summer vibes.

Alex De Montis – Wild Honey

The intro to this song had a pretty dramatic flair especially with the addition of the audio recording at the beginning, for me that really helped build up the enthusiasm for the song. His ability to combine his different musical influences while staying true to what makes him unique shows his wild range and versatility as an artiste.

Alex’s vocals are silky yet delicate on this song with a rhythmic melody and I’m sure this won’t fail to impress any listener. Though I feel like the instrumental-vocal balance was a bit off and that made it quite difficult for me to hear some of the words to the lyrics.

Despite this the instrumentation is a pretty upbeat one especially with the combination of the drum beats to the guitar riffs and the bass line, it’s impossible to ignore how good it sounds. The lo-fi elements produced a tone of nostalgia within the song which I really loved.

Seeing as this is his debut single I’m more than impressed with what Alex brought to the table, he really created good music. I’m more than confident that he will continue to grow as he goes further in the music industry.

Don’t sleep on this song or on this artiste he really has a lot to offer, his determination, creativity and passion for his music truly sets him apart. We should be expecting more good music from him.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Alex De Montis is a London based artiste, he began playing music from the age of seven and has always had a passion for music.

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