Abbey’s verdict – Heart of mine by Dan Quinn ft Oxygene

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Track; Heart Of Mine

Genre; Electro Pop

Artistes; Dan Quinn

Featured artiste; Oxygene

Heart Of Mine is the latest single from pop sensation Dan Quinn featuring electronic producer Dusan Jovcic (Oxygene) When I got this song I decided to go listen to some of Dan and Oxygene’s individual works so I could get a sense of what to expect and I wasn’t disappointed as they’re both really talented at what they do.

They create magic as individual artistes and I was blown away with what they created together, with Oxygene bringing his expertise of synths and electronic music to the forefront along with the bright dreamy vocals provided by Dan.

The song begins with a somewhat relaxed tempo that seems to pick up pace as Dan’s vocals begins. The clear yet passionate vocals had me hooked, it was easy to feel the pain and emotion within his voice as he belted out each word of the lyric reminiscing about an ex – lover.

On this synthpop ballad Dan Quinn accurately depicts the feelings of heartbreak as he reminisces about a past relationship. It’s easy to feel the different emotions he portrays in this song especially if you’ve ever gone through a break-up ( and really who hasn’t 😣).

On each verse he takes us through just what his ex-lover was to him. At one point he described this ex as ‘his peace of mind’, at another point he seems to take some accountability as he sings “..tried to fix me but it’s too hard.”

By the time the chorus begins he seems to have come to a realization that he has let a good one go as he belts out this lyric “I know you’re never ever coming back/ nothing’s ever going to fix this heart of mine.”

I wrote the song at the start of lockdown inspired by a past break-up but through the lens of pop hyper-reality.

Dan Quinn – Heart Of Mine

Though drawing influence from pop sensations like Carly Rae Jepsen, it’s hard to ignore the impact of the 80s revival especially in the electronica sound. The combination of these different elements makes this song a certified bop tune that might probably leave you feeling down due to its melancholic lyrics.

I fell in love with this song at the first listen as I’m sure you will too! From the excellent production, warm synths and somewhat monotonous yet thrilling drum beats, emotional lyrics, catchy beats and beautiful vocals this is one song that will appeal to any and everyone regardless of whether you’re a fan of synth pop or not.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste;

Dan Quinn is a Croydon-based singer/songwriter who has a passion for pop music. He started writing as a child, starting with poetry which naturally developed into songwriting. Some of his musical influences are Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen and Lady Gaga.

Currently, he is working on singles and will soon begin work on a cohesive EP for release in 2021. His ultimate dream is to co-write for other pop artists and to get a top 40 hit.

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