Abbey’s verdict – Golden Season by Funeral Lakes

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EP; Golden season


  • Eternal Return
  • Earth Falls
  • Power Trip

Genre; Indie Rock

Band; Funeral Lakes

Band Members;

  • Chris Hemer
  • Sam Mishos

Drummer; Charlie Van

Sound Engineer; Colin Spratt

Listen time; 10mins 48secs

Released; 2020

Golden season is the latest EP release from Canada based rock band Funeral Lakes, I was intrigued by the band’s name – this is legit one of the coolest band names I’ve ever come across. Now that I’ve confessed my undying love for the band name let’s get back to the review. On this new EP the band takes a different route from their last release to create a charged, energetic and sometimes frantic body of work.

The Golden Season is a period of transition, a period of reflection, a time to hold dear the things we love. The gentle glow of foliage before the fall, the sunset years of life as we know it, and the distant glimmer of hope that we might forge a path forward.

Funeral Lakes

Eternal Return the drum intro was just too short for me, like common give me at least 10 more seconds to appreciate such pure bliss. The lead vocalist possesses such soft almost enchanting vocals, that complimented the heavy instrumentals really well. The change in the instrumentation by the 2:52 mark was insanely good as well. The lyrics of this song are so deep and thought provoking almost capable of leaving the listeners in a fit of justifiable rage as we reflect on them.

Eternal Return,” deals with the intersection of toxic masculinity and the scourge of petro-nationalism, along with the misery fueled by the false promises of politicians.

Funeral Lakes

Earth Falls was my favorite song on this EP, I especially loved the way the male and female vocalists alternated the vocals and complimented each other really well. This was more of an upbeat track with a well balanced instrumentation yet emotionally charged lyrics. I loved everything about it especially as it got more rhythmic as we got closer to the chorus. This was a really entertaining song especially suited for long works or drives as it’s so easy to lose oneself in it and just bump to this gem of a song.

Earth Falls,” takes stock of the alarming realities of the world we’re now living in, sitting precariously on the edge of collapse, and what it means to be grappling with the fear of it all.

Funeral Lakes – Earth Falls

Power trip began with a sick intro taking up a fast punk rock tempo as compared to the folk rock sound we had heard on the previous two tracks of this EP. Though I was a bit disappointed by the tone the main vocals took I was expecting edgier vocals with a “fight the power/system” intensity and just didn’t think the main vocalists satisfied that for me. Despite this I really loved the beats especially the heart thumping guitar riffs that characterized the song which was actually the highlight of the song for me.

Power Trip,” marks a sonic departure that is frenetic and confrontational, criticizing the heteropatriarchy and domination that permeate our society.

Funeral Lakes – Power Trips

While broaching on different important topics they don’t fail to draw our attention to issues affecting our world today from politically inclined lyrics to the need for environmental change while spurring us to make a difference and take relevant actions. The duo have an uplifting take which provides glimmers of hope despite the dark cynical lyrics. Listening to this EP is like reading pages from brilliant minds which is exactly what Sam and Chris are.

This EP conveys important messages fuelled by great passion, the production throughout is impeccable and the vocals are distinct! This will make a great listen especially to lovers of rock music.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Meet the band

Funeral Lakes is Sam Mishos (she/her) and Chris Hemer (he/him). They started the project in the spring of 2018, self-producing music in their apartment in Vancouver, B.C., and now in Toronto, ON.

Funeral Lakes exists as a creative medium to share their fears and frustrations, drawing on experiences of life in the Anthropocene as inspiration. The duo’s emotionally charged songs create a musical world where they lead listeners by the hand through the destruction all around us, asking them to bear witness and take pause as they get lost in the dream — or nightmare.

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