Abbey’s verdict – How It Goes by Riley Fleming

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Track; How It Goes

Genre; Pop

Artiste; Riley Fleming

Released; 2020

Riley Fleming delivers yet another breathtaking performance on her latest track How it goes. This Colorado based songstress shows us why she is a force to be reckoned with, not just for her amazing vocals but her songwriting abilities. With catchy hooks, angelic vocals and original yet thought provoking lyrics to match it’s easy to classify this song as a bop with great commercial success potential.

Beginning with a montonous great guitar play that sets the mood for the beautiful vocals I’ve come to associate with Riley ever since I listened to her single “Tequila and lime.” Her vocals seamlessly belts out the lyric over the chilled beats. Soon enough the tempo of the beats are kicked up a notch with the introduction of the drums,which adds to the upbeat yet dramatic vibe the song gives off. The change in tempo creates a catchy rhythm as the chorus begins, trust me it’s quite impossible to not sing along to the chorus!

The lyrics of the chorus and her vocal delivery of this song reeks of confidence as a woman who knows and understand her worth. And really all I could think of as i listened to this song was even though it revolved around what is usually an emotional conversation, it took an empowering and positive take as she sends a not so subtle message to an ex “Stop messing with my head love/ you know I’m going solo/it’s not my fault that you let go.”

This song was inspired by realizing how to separate who I am versus something going on in life. Sometimes it’s just how it goes and I can still learn something from that.

Riley Fleming

I loved everything about this song and Riley has quickly become one of my favorite pop artistes in such short time. Seriously I believe she deserves so much more recognition for the quality music she keeps blessing our ears with despite how relatively new she seems to be in the music industry.

This song is so nice to just chill and relax to while making you feel like ‘that bitch.’ I will be sure to keep an ear out for future releases and so should you!!

"I always put you first but you let me slip through your fingers and I never wished you the worst.."

Riley Fleming

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Riley Fleming is a singer songwriter from Colorado and incorporates pieces of different genres, such as pop and rap into her music. She’s been writing since the age of 12 and creates most songs starting on the piano.

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