Abbey’s verdict – Groceries by Bone

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Track; Groceries

Genre; Hip-hop

Artiste; Bone

Released; 25th September, 2020

Florida based hip-hop artiste Bone is riding the wave set by his well-received debut EP Vivid to give us yet another hard hitting track. What caught my attention was the title of the track, somehow I knew to expect something good and Bone came through with a trap banger.

This is one of those few songs that blew me away at first listen, once I heard the intro I was hooked and it has been on replay since then. On this track Bone takes a different route with a more toned down approach to his rap as compared to what we got accustomed to on his previous releases – and it really paid off.

The audio recordings at the beginning and ending of the track helped bring more of a ‘storyline’ to it but I swear I would vote to have it removed if it means I can get more verses on this.

This song is actually too fire to just be 1min and 3seconds, like common I know all good things must come to an end but this song has me hoping for an extended version or something.

On another note we get to appreciate though in such short time the potentials and uniqueness he brings to his trap game. With a song of a little over one minute it was no surprise that the lyrics were quite narrow, though this seemed to work out well to his favor.

I liked the lyrics as it had some really good rhyme scheme and punchlines. Also the confidence with which he laid down each bars are almost palpable. One of my best lines was how he slid the aspect of economics into his rap without making it sound like a corny forgettable line.

The only aspect of this song that didn’t cut it for me was the occasional ‘fire’ ad-libs at the background, it really wasn’t needed in my opinion. I would have probably preferred more of a ‘skrrt’ but despite this I still enjoyed the song.

I’m going to be a legend, its hard to deny

Bone – Groceries

Bone has an awesome delivery on this song that fits perfectly with the banging beats, even his flow though simple is quite catchy and effortless. He literally has us at his fingertips clinging to each verse he spits out.

The beats are perfect and helps create some sort of tough energy around his vocals. I’ve to give him credit for pushing his pen quite a bit on this track, best believe this is going on my Groceries Playlist – and yes such a playlist exists!

This song is as entertaining as they come and totally worth every hype it gets. It will make for a great listen especially for fans of hip-hop/trap music. Bone has quickly become one of my favorite rappers in such little time, and I’m continually impressed by each new release.

I speak in intentions,
You speak in sublime.

   Bone - Groceries

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the artiste

Bone is a hip-hop artiste from Mississippi but based in Florida, he’s presently a college student at FAMU. You can find him on his social media handles;



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