Abbey’s Verdict – Bloom EP by Vër

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EP; Bloom

Track list;

  • Best for you ft Dante
  • Freeze
  • Ocean
  • Over

Genre; Neo-soul

Artiste; Vër

Featured artiste; Dante

Released; September 24th, 2020

Run time; 10mins

Canadian artiste Vër finally makes her anticipated debut with the release of her debut EP titled ‘Bloom.’ On this four-track ethereal body of work we see her expertly tackle different issues while giving us a glimpse into different emotions that accompany each track. The EP explores everything from love, heartbreak to intimacy.

This aesthetically pleasing EP begins with the track Best for you which gives me serious Jhene Aiko ft Big Sean ‘None of Your Concern’ vibes. On this track Vër flexes not just her vocal prowess but her great pen game. The fusion of her soft sultry vocals with Dante’s hard rap sound made this song a perfect fit to introduce me to not just this artist but this EP as well. The heavy drums and piano play creates a somewhat nostalgic environment, that allowed me ease into the lyrics.

On this track she shows a bit of vulnerability as she expresses her true yet pure intentions towards the person she loves while assuring the person of her continuous love and support no matter what.

This track seems personal to me as I assume it’ll probably be for most others who can relate to that feeling of needing to reassure your S/O of your love, trying to push them to be better people or trying to push them to believe in themselves as much as you believe in them or trying to challenge them to face their fears while also been confident in their love for you.

Trust in me(I trust in you)
Trust that there's a reason,
Beyond what you can see
And you know I'm not going
Remember, I got you
And i know you got me too (You know I got you)
  Vër - Best for you ft Dante

The next track Freeze begins with a piano playing along with a brief recording of Vër in the background with quite the word of wisdom as she starts by saying “it’s crazy what we take for granted….” This song has a more energetic RnB feel to it unlike the first song. Yet I’m completely blown away with how deep the lyrics are, almost like a double entrendre allowing for the listeners to draw their own conclusions from the lyrics.

The lyrics paint a picture that has become an all to normal occurrence to most of us, where we are too busy chasing shadows, that we forget to appreciate the little things right in front of us until we lose them or they begin to fade away. My interpretation of the lyrics will most probably be different from other listeners and there-in lies the whole beauty of the art of music.

Have we run out of love - just admit it 
When did the colors fade - they were vivid 
Oh did we run out of lines - did we quit it
Or have we run out of love - just admit it 
Vër - Freeze 

Ocean begins with a hard hitting monotonous drum beat as she counts down to the beginning of the song. I really have to share how impressed I was with the instrumentals on this particular track not to shit on the instrumentals on the other tracks so far, but this just really takes the cake for me mostly because I loved the center role the drums played on here.

But truly the main star on here is her seamlessly flawless vocals that floats over the beats belting out equally good lyrics. Her vocal strength in here reminds me of Any Winehouse and seeing as she’s one her musical influences I’m not surprised.

The EP fittingly ends with the track “Over” which further enhances her status as a musical genius in my eyes. The production boasts of RnB influence yet the lyrics and vocals truly brings the ‘soul’ into this song. The somehow haunting chorus at the beginning of the song contrasted to the angelic ringing voice that began the first verse, and dominated the song entirely.

I especially loved how for the beginning parts of the song leading to the chorus the instrumentals had a reduced intensity that slowly built up in momentum as we approached the chorus. And the way she changed her flow on the second verse oooh la la, that was so cool.

This is one of my favorite song off this EP, everything from the vocals, lyrics, instrumentals and production were all professionally well done yet I could feel the uniqueness of her own sound on this track. The lyrics are meaningful and on this track she seems to plead with a lover/ex lover not to leave as she asks him to “say it ain’t over.” The level of vulnerability and how she wears her emotions and heart on her sleeve makes not this particular track but the entire EP an emotional yet enjoyable listen.

I'm sad just wondering what could have been
And no one, yea no one
No one wants to be alone
Vër - Over

Vër truly has set the standard high for herself and for me as a new fan and listener with such a beautiful EP, it was incredibly hard for me to choose a favorite song. All of this songs was an exceptional emotional rollercoaster on its own and together the EP told a compelling story from the first to the last track all while been lyrically powerful.

This EP is nothing short of a masterpiece, seeing as this is her debut EP I’m incredibly proud and in awe of how much effort and heart she put into the creation of this EP from her tiny Toronto home studio. She truly is an artist to watch out for as she has clearly proved to have a distinct and unique sound to add to the musical scene. Bloom really is one of the most phenomenal EP I’ve heard all year.

Listen to this masterpiece here or here

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Meet the artiste

VËR (veh-r), short for ‘Vered’, the Hebrew-word for ‘Rose’, is a Canadian independent singer, songwriter, and producer from Montreal. Her inspirations include Amy Winehouse, Snoh Aalegra, Sinead Harnett, Daniel Caesar and Charlotte Cardin. VËR’s intimate, moody, and smooth vocals draw the listener in close, transporting them into her zen world of Lite-R&B and Chill-Pop.

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