Abbey’s Verdict – My Ex Stacy by The Issues

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Track; My Ex Stacy

Genre; Indie Rock

Band; The Issues

Band members;

  • Joe Jenkins (guitarist, vocalist, songwriter)
  • Joe Kurzawa (lead guitarist)
  • Chris Otun (bassist)
  • Mike Slack (drummer)

Released; 2020

Coming on the heels of their debut single Katie‘ the UK based boy band ‘The Issues’ have released their brand new single titled My Ex Stacy. One of my main curiosity while reviewing this song was how each of their singles have so far taken excerpts from people and things in their personal life to create quite relatable lyrics yet unique performances.

Heavy hitting drums begins this track as the other instrumentals slowly warm into the track but it’s quite clear that the drum is the main instrumental. The instrumentals help create an atmosphere of reminscing and nostalgia.

The vocals of the main vocalist is hard to compare to other rock artists with the way his flow changes at different parts of the song, he takes a more aggressive tone towards the ending of the song as opposed to the beginning.

In my opinion I would have loved to feel that level of aggression in his vocal tone from the first word out his mouth as that would have been more consistent with the beats. Despite this it wasn’t hard to fall in love with this song from the amazing vocals, cool beats, to the witty yet somewhat playful lyrics. The lyrics are inspired in true sense by a girl one of the band members met at a festival last summer. In their words “my ex Stacey is an ode to crazy nights in crazy places with crazy people.” I’m sure we might have a Stacy in our life.

So far this band has no bad song in their arsenal and I’m pretty positive they would keep this up and live up to this hype they’ve set up for themselves. This song takes me back to the storytelling time of rock with the instrumentals as they show themselves to be true students of the game(rock music).

Though I would love to see versatility in their style of lyrics. I am really invested in seeing what else this group has in store for us and you should too.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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About the band

The Issues is a srappy alt-rock from the South West (Exeter) consisting of Joe Jenkins, Joe Kurzawa, Chris Otun, and Mike Slack.

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