Abbey’s verdict – Panic In The Attic by Monday Night Special

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EP; Panic In The Attic


  • Instrumental
  • Manic Pixie Dream
  • You’re Electric
  • Not My Girl
  • Lovesick

Genre; Indie

Band; Monday Night Special

Band members;

  • Oscar Cloud (rhythm guitar and vocals)
  • Edoardo Fusi (Lead guitar)
  • Jake Searle (Bass Guitar)
  • Alex Bell (Drums)

Released; September 2020

Listen time; 14mins 7seconds

The debut EP of Manchester based band ‘Monday Night Special’ is out and we’re already in love with it over here. Like you guys might have noticed by now, I’m a sucker for cool band names and this one certainly caught my attention as it is one of the unique ones I’ve come across 🥺. This EP was recorded in Dead Basic Studios Manchester, where the band was formed (talk about going back to one’s roots).

Instrumental was a great opener for this EP for me, especially as it gave such a relaxed peaceful vibe allowing us to immerse ourselves in what is to come in terms of the remaining tracks of the EP. I really thought there was a playful ring to this instrumental which was what I loved about it. And the fact that we can literally dance to the beat alone without the need for a vocal accompaniment is great.

Manic Pixie Dream maintained the tempo set in the previous track but closer to the chorus the beats went crazy with the amazing guitar riffs, drums and bass creating a fast tempo that was matched oin intensity only by the vocals of Oscar. I loved how they turned around the what we know a ‘manic pixie’ to be to create such funny yet laid-back lyrics.

A Manic Pixie Dream you're cooler than John Lennon,
And how can I compete when I look like a lemon.

Monday Night Special - Manic Pixie Dream

You’re electric takes a different route and showed a different side to the vocals I already heard from he first two tracks. This was my favorite track on the EP and really what isn’t to love, from the beats to the great vocals and catchy chorus. This is one of those songs that will be hard to forget once you listen to it, it really just keeps replaying over and over again. On this track the lyrics seem to be a tribute to a lost love as Oscar expresses a bit of vulnerability on here.

So long, I didn't think we would end up this way
You're right there's probably not much else left to say

Monday Night Special - Electric

Not my girl began on an even faster tempo and oh how I loved the opening instrumental. On this track I actually got to appreciate a bit more of the versatile vocals of the lead artist and how it balanced out the intensity and somewhat ‘crazy’ instrumentals. This was one of my favorite tracks mainly because I cannot fully express how much I loved the instrumentals on here, the beats are the best I’ve listened to in a while.

And even though I see it is a trick, I just can't steer clear
Cause you're not my girl

Monday Night Special

Lovesick fittingly brings to an end what has been an enjoyable and heart thumping listen, from the get go we are blessed with a somewhat nostalgic instrumental play that leads into the more relaxed main vocals unlike the fiery intensity that was recognizable in the vocals on previous tracks. On here they seem to tone it down just a little bit, I loved how the instrumentals are kicked down a notch during each verse but are kicked up a notch again during the chorus.

There's no going back now, the fire ignited the flame
But been this lovesick I know it'll drive me insane.

Monday Night Special - Lovesick

They perfectly sum up my feelings about this EP with the lyric “tomorrow I’ll be back for more” – I have had this on repeat and so should you, trust me you’ll be back for more.

This EP was one of those where I was truly invested in from the beginning of the first track to the end. There was no shortage of energy and excitement, they truly brought the full package from the banging instrumentals, to the versatile edgy vocals, catchy riffs & melodies to the great production this was a great debut from this band.

When asked about this EP they said,

We wanted the EP to boast the catchy indie choruses that initially got us into playing music together in the first place, whilst also painting a picture of what it’s like being a student in our vibrant city

Monday Night Special

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Listen to this song here

Meet the band

Monday Night Special is a Manchester based Alt Rock band made up of Oscar Cloud, Edoardo Fusi, Jake Searle and Alex Bell.

On this project they tried to capture what they have been delivering live on the student music scene in the two years since they first formed and features songs they have been playing since they first formed.

Their influence ranges from 60s rock riffs to the melodious and playful lyricism of the post-punk bands that defined the UK in the early 2000s.

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